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All the information needed to enter the Battle That! Competition.
beat this! (jan 27-28) signup begins in...


*Keep checking back here as the information will change as it leads up to the battle. There will be 16 spots available for people to compete, with 8 spots open for each side.


All members will be able to vote, but not for themselves.


  1. You must be a member of IllMuzik.
  2. There is no theme for these battles.
  3. You can use 1 beat for the whole competition, or you can use a different beat for each round (if you advance).
  4. IllMuzik will be hosting all of the beats.
  5. You CANNOT have tags in your beats!


How do I signup?
The signups are just to be considered for the battle. Once you signup, we will choose 16 of the best beats and those members will be our contestants.

Where can I upload my beats?
The uploads are not open yet. When they are, a link will be posted here.

How many beats am I able to upload?
You will be able to upload 4 beats in total. You can only use 1 beat for each round.

Can I upload all 4 beats before the battle?
Yes, you must. By uploading all 4 beats and specifying which beat you want to use in what round, it will make things much simpler and quicker for us since we have to fix up the brackets manually. If you do not upload a beat for each round, then we will use the previous round's beat. (ex: If it's round 3 but you did not upload a round 3 beat, then your round 2 beat will be used.)

Can I use 1 beat for the whole battle?
Yes, but 4 is preferred.

What style of beat can I upload?
Any style you want (this is a Hip Hop site!). Just remember that you're trying to out-do your opponent!

How long can my beat be?
Your beat must be no longer than 4 minutes.

What file format should my beat be in?
Your beat must be in MP3 format.

Can I have vocals in my beats?
No! This is purely a beat battle. The whole point of the battle is to out-do your opponent with your beats. You can use the occasional vocal snippet, just like in the Beat This! Competition.

Can I have tags in my beats?

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