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Results for August 18, 2016

Theme: 88 BPM

Easily - "Couldn't Have"
S3oulC1ty - "I.B.A.B."
BeatSN - "Focused"
Lil Sway - "All The Hype"
other (in alphabetical order)
D.Money - "The Chill"
Djfeedme - "Don't Touch That Dial"
DonAleX - "Bad Life"
Hardboiled - "Mike Tyson's Hip Hop Punch Out!!"
Nahshon Beasley - "Stroll In The Park"
Oninkaf - "Cruisin'"
Puggie Baby - "For Ever"
Quail/Beats - "Dead Pool"
River Cruz - "Spotlight Roses"
Sero - "WIP-259"
TriKRaps - "You Make The Sun Shine"

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