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Results for May 11, 2017

Theme: Trap

DBtheProducer - "Bayonetta"
DEEZ BEATZ - "U Can't Stop Me"
Skinnyknicca646 - "Last Time I Checked"
Csbr - "Time Of Harvest"
Jonny J - "Cream"
other (in alphabetical order)
Brach - "Brech1"
Chad - "Rise And Grind"
Da Archangels - "Alpha"
DJ Anonymous - "WarZone"
Freshfrank - "Z Tr Radio"
J.Hart - "Turn Up"
Kulateral - "Godfather Goals"
Mike Free Music - "Bleak"
Myers Trax - "Balboa Drive"
MystaKinfolk - "Agua"
Young Thrive - "Errthang Custom"
Yung Pandana - "Alien"

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