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Results for August 15, 2017

Theme: J.Cole Flip

S3oulC1ty - "J. Cole Lights Please"
DEEZ BEATZ - "J. Cole Lights Please"
Ty_ - "Lights Please Remix"
Majik1986 - "Dead"
Matt-D - "J. Cole Lights Please"
other (in alphabetical order)
A.R. DASUPASTAR - "Lights Please Rmx"
freshfrank - "Joggin"
Jay Fehrman - "J. Cole Lights Please"
Klypse - "Lights Please"
Mike Free Music - "Lights Please"
MILLZTASTICS - "J Cole Lights Out Remix"
NakedStar - "Killing It"
rylott777 - "Running With It"
Schrodinger - "Lighter Please"
SincereAnubis - "Lights Out"

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