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Results for February 21, 2019

Theme: Electric Guitar

crog85 - "Padge II"
DEEZ BEATZ - "Social Conflict"
VigilanteStylez - "Battle Beat"
ConspiracyMuzik - "Rain On Me"
K-waz - "Take Over The World"
other (in alphabetical order)
44Beatzz - "My Way"
Barri Alfa - "80's Midnight"
Beaubeats - "Only Now"
C4NTK33P5T1LL - "Medium Setting"
Cayenne - "I'm Gone"
Dahmi Mortals - "Summer Love"
HELLBOYY_47 - "Black Aventa"
JAY UNO - "What's This?"
JKBEAZT - "Last Summer"
Jon Seymour - "Heaven Help Us"
KCSwagger - "REMember"
Kiano - "Whiskey"
Lilychill - "Simple"
Michael_Ignite - "Massacre"
SimplisticVII - "If You Say So"
Timothy Carter - "No Remorse"