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Results for August 15, 2019

Theme: Flute

stcbeats - "Sample Of The Flute Tiger"
crog85 - "Flute Salad"
DEEZ BEATZ - "The Air I Breathe"
ivorybeatz - "On Their Eyes Wide Shut"
narcbear - "Flute By"
other (in alphabetical order)
30CRATES - "BobbiChopped"
Asaph Music Pro - "Hell Nah"
C4NTK33P5T1LL - "The Ghost Face Killer Returns"
Dsensei - "War Flutes"
Inspcthergadget - "Light My Cypher"
JcChronics - "Fine Flute"
Lilychill - "Chips Ahoy"
Memento Beats - "Shogun"
oninkaf - "Flute 101"
Skypirk - "Oriental Sketch"
TACTIK - "On The Grind"
ThE_SiRe_BeAtS - "New Beginning"
Two - "Flute Slog"
Undersound - "Creatures Of The Darkness"
Warzone Beat Battle