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    Samplers to get a vintage / nostalgic sound

    I have a rule at my dojo. If you aint grimey for real or Mr. Clean for fake then you never gonna have that dusty vintage sound. You gotta be it to produce it. Another thing is that you can achieve that sound with any sampler. For my tastes, I always prefer the latest and the greatest out...

    What Improves a Beatmaker ?

    Haha! Same here. My brother was a DJ and would invite the local emcees around the way to our house where they would make mixtapes. Me being the little brother, they would never let me hang during sessions. So, everytime they came over, I would try to prove myself that I can rap and make beats...

    What Improves a Beatmaker ?

    What improves a beatmaker is honest and tough criticism. I used to get beat up mentally when I first started. Dudes would vomit and blame my beats it was bad. But I listened to what made them bad through their insults. Like "I hate that fking horn, why it gotta be loud!!" So that lead me to...

    Changed from VST to real Bassguitar

    I used to play basslines on a keyboard synth. I picked up a guitar but it was a mess of discorded noise. I felt I can never get with string instruments. Then one day, Toys R Us had a sale on a little guitar for kids and I said what the hell, lets try this again. I took it home and cut off the...

    3 things you wish you didnt do

    True dat OGBama! One might make 100 beats a day but maybe 5 might be dope. Quantity over quality will never reign the victor. For anything, I think a hiatus from beats makes you better at it. I think its because you come at it from a memory perspective but at the same time you wanna break out...

    3 things you wish you didnt do

    Its been 13 years now since my last sip. Nowadays instead of drinking and driving, I'm smoking and flying inside my 7x7 studio:biggrin:

    Weak drums

    Definitely, if you know what you are doing and how to use compression, I don't see it as a bad thing. Techniques like sidechaining and NYC can make drums pop out the speaker. Just don't let your drum clip and distort and they will be loud as you want.

    Weak drums

    Try to stay away from compression. Most times it will decrease the knock. Thats because most producers want loud snappin' snares and boomin' kicks which are two different frequencies so compressing them will weaken its effect for sure. EQ and filtering will bring drums up the dial. And...

    3 things you wish you didnt do

    1-wished I never touched liquor. Got me into trouble, lots of it. 2-wished I kept it simple in the studio in the beginning. Excess gear was such a waste. 3-wished I continued school earlier.

    A question about layering

    Depends on how the vocals were recorded. Stereo or mono. If its mono, you can toss the vocals on a single audio track. If its stereo, best to toss the left channel on one audio track and the right channel to another audio track. The drums and bass should always dominate the sound spectrum in...

    I'll Not be Producin for a Month .

    Word up homie, forget producing. Its so out of style. You ahead of your time bro.

    Had a chance to cop some old gear

    Wow $320? I remember 900s and 950s priced at least $100 on the 2nd hand market. I guess when people heard you can get a crunch out of them, demand went up a bit. I don't always buy used, but when I do, I drink a Dos XX and splurge on ebay. Only to wake up to buyer's remorse. Sometimes I'm...

    How often do you make beats?

    Once upon a time, I would work on one or two beats for a whole month until I recorded it and moved on to the next track. Then I began with 7 beats a month. Nowadays I make an album every two years. I try to pump out 2 albums a year with 10 to 12 tracks each but this is what I'm blessed with...

    How to count beats in Intros, acapella and slow music??

    You just gotta feel the beat and know when to drop it

    10 Reasons Iranian Rap is Way better than American Rap .

    I can dig it. Of all the contraversy going on over there, it is refreshing to hear another side.