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    Production In The Studio: Should You Get Rid Of Your Stuff?

    I've had this problem for years. I think gear comes and goes as your musical tastes grows or changes. I personally like outboard gear. Only because I can pick it up and take it with me anywhere.
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    Equipment Needed To Make Beats

    Check out Reaper for a DAW. It's free for 30 days and you can use all the tools that comes with the paid version.
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    Changed from VST to real Bassguitar

    I picked up the bass back in 2004 and I'm still learning more and more. I'm old school so I had to learn from books and people teaching me. Taking lessons is a great way to start off. The amount of practice you put into it will be paid back in full with your skills. Basic theory and technique is...
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    Lyric-Recording CEntrance MixerFace R4

    I would say just use your phone. If you don't want to carry extra hardware around and if you aren't trying to record full mixes.
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    What is the best Akai drum machine?

    The Akai Rhythm wolf lol. I know it's received a lot of bad feedback for many reasons. I honestly like the sounds that it puts out.
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    Android Midi Questions?

    Greetings to everyone. I have a few questions for android users and if anyone has any experience with midi connections with it. I'm trying to connect my android tablet to a few hardware devices I own. Mainly to send midi out to my drum machines. Some of these machines have usb and all of them...
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    Tutorials How to Make Beats - Part 7: Creating a Bassline

    One of the main reasons why I picked up a bass is because of hip hop beats. It can get boring and frustrating at times, but trying different techniques and formulas have always helped me. The best guide I have ever used is the circle of 5ths.
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    What's Everyone's Instagram to Network and Keep in Touch?

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    2016 Albums, singles, EP's, etc.

    I was watching Preacher last night on AMC, and this soulful song came up. It was Eli "Paperboy" Reed - Your Sins will find you out.
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    2016 Albums, singles, EP's, etc.

    What are you listening to that came out this year? I understand this is a very vague question, however I wanna see what new albums, singles, EP's, whatever is out there. Can be bands from 19 forgotten and just made an album this year. And GO...
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    Guitar Pedals

    I tried my digitech bass whammy with my arturia microbrute and my volca bass. Octave pedal + synth is great!
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    Hardware Synths

    Nice! I haven't dug too deep into software for my guitar yet. I just got a peavey 6505 MH in the mail yesterday though!:D
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    Hardware Synths

    Do you have any experience with mesa's cab clone? Or the two note torpedo? Or any box thing like that lol.
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    Hardware Synths

    I play guitar and bass so having something physical in front of me is essential. Although playing virtual synthesizers that have a physical box is the same thing as playing software, I do enjoy tweaking knobs and keys. Analog gear is what I really like to use. Not because it's popular or there...
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    Interviews Hardboiled Talks About His Passion for Music

    I really admire this guys approach. Creating music from nothing isn't easy at all. Every time I tell someone I'm in a band, the first thing they ask is, "what do you sing?". Like vocals are the only aspect that revolves around music lol. From the drums to the synths it's all hard work. I don't...
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    How do you make your bassline?

    I gotta try that. Using the drum parts in the bass sections. Also I read up on tuning the drums to the same key as everything else. Tried that with my yamaha MR10 and a acoustic guitar. Brings an interesting light.
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    Make the Arturia BeatStep Pro the Next Addition to Your Studio

    The drum gates in the back, do they work as drum triggers? I'm wondering because I have a analog drum module that only takes 1/4 in.
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    Software has only Amazed me w Time

    In no way am I a purist to either side, but I've been collecting more hardware within the past year. I look at software and it comes and goes really quick. I get notifications everyday to update something lol.
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    How do you make your bassline?

    I pick up my bass and jam lol. That's the first thing I go for, however I use a program called tux guitar. It's a tabbing program, I'll write out my bassline in a tab format then convert it to midi. Then play around sounds from there.