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  1. Ayron Thelen

    2infamouz Trap Kit - Free Download

    I was contemplating selling some kits, but I decided to just put this together as a free kit. I know a lot of you aren't really into trap beats, but I've heard a few here. 2infamouz Trap Kit: • All the sounds in this kit at copyright free. • The 808s and kickdrums that had a detectable pitch...
  2. Ayron Thelen

    DO ME A FAVOR...

    Okay what the fuck...There's a youtube account named "2infamouz" and the dude has been inactive for like 5 years, but all his videos and activity is stuff like "Border Line Gay Shit" and "Teabag"...Anyone trying to help me out? Go report it and flag it so I can get that shit away from my...
  3. Ayron Thelen

    I ran into this on the PreSonus website...

    2infamouz reviews finally noticed by PreSonus -.- I wonder if I start reaching out to these companies if they'll send me gear to review :rolleyes: That would be legit..
  4. Ayron Thelen

    FL Studio Memory Error

    What's good illianz? I keep getting this "out of memory" error n it's messing my projects up in FL Studio...I can see how much memory is being used in my resource manager and it's not even close to out, hitting maybe 5gb's max and I've got 24 gb physical available on top of a shitload of...
  5. Ayron Thelen

    2infamouz Interview...

    Hey what's up Illmuzik! I was doing an interview for 89.9fm in Cali last night...if you got a minute check it out. I didn't end up saying anything I planned to, n to be honest I've never even called in to request a song on a radio station, so I was 4sure nervous - but I think it went alright:
  6. Ayron Thelen


    anyone had any success trying to network w/ google plus?
  7. Ayron Thelen

    It's All About The Image - Written by GBB

    Whats up illians. Got a new article up on the site written by Gangsta Barbie Beats, it covers networking your music and establishing a marketable brand. Check it out : http://www.2infamous4you.net/music-networking-guide-its-all-about-the-image/
  8. Ayron Thelen

    Recording video/voice

    I know this isn't really music production related but do you guys know a good program to record my screen and audio at the same time? I want to make some video tutorials but I haven't had luck w/ the free programs out there, wouldn't mind buying something that works. If you do know a free one...
  9. Ayron Thelen

    Top 5 Recording Software

    I'm working on an article about recording software, and was curious if you had to pick 5, what would they be? Not in any specific order, just the 5 best programs for your DAW. ie: Reason, Pro Tools, FL Studio, Ableton Live, etc.. What are your 5 picks?
  10. Ayron Thelen

    DJ Elemes / 2infamouz - Stealin' The Night

    So me and Dj Elemes from here are workin on a track , "stealin' the night" he made this dope beat n i'm gonna drop the verses. I'm not really a rapper but this beat made me do it ;) Got a rough draft down : planning on finishing it soon, what u think so far? v1: I don't know about stealin...
  11. Ayron Thelen

    embedding soundcloud??

    Umm am I slow or is there a trick to this lol? Won't let me embed soundcloud tracks on :( I know it works cuz i've seen other people do it
  12. Ayron Thelen

    Headroom for vocals.

    When you guys are mixing down an instrumental before recording vocals, how much headroom do you normally leave for the vocals ? Ideally I'd like to have vocals in the mix before i mixdown, but a lot of times i don't even have an artist lined up when im making a track, so it gets mixed without...
  13. Ayron Thelen

    Passion Vs. Product

    So when I'm working on a project I feel like actually being passionate about what I'm doing leads to better results. At the same time what I personally like might not be what everyone else is into. I feel like finding a balance between enjoying what you're working on and still creating something...
  14. Ayron Thelen

    Looking for shitty rappers with bad lyrics!

    I heard this is whats hot right now. Anyone fit the criteria? Lets work. Alright I'm obviously fucking around, but I am looking for anyone thats interested in guest blogging for my website. I need more articles related to music production, music gear, etc. If you're interested hit me up.
  15. Ayron Thelen

    Older songs

    Does anyone know if most older songs get remastered before being played on the radio. I don't get how they can be damn near the same quality as new recordings?
  16. Ayron Thelen

    chopping up samples

    whats the best program to chop samples up in? i used to to use Cool Edit but i dont have it anymore and cant find it. looking for a replacement. Edison or FL slicer are str8 but im lookin for something with hotkeys to make it a faster process like cool edit had...used to be able to hit shift+]...
  17. Ayron Thelen

    Hardware sounds?

    I haven't been having much luck w/ the software samplers/synths i get...was wondering if it's worth buying something like the yamaha motif rack xs For sounds or if there's any real difference in the quality of software sounds and hardware sounds...I like the convenience of software not taking up...
  18. Ayron Thelen

    basic midi controller

    anyone else stop using maschine's program and just use it as a midi controller? I feel like i threw away the 600$ i spent on maschine because i get far better results with other DAWs than Maschines little groove sequencer and my axiom 61 already had pads / sliders / knobs like i use it for now...
  19. Ayron Thelen

    where to start

    i kno it's sad, i make hiphop and never touched a turntable. What's a good way to jump into it? I bought this cheap "ion discover dj" thing but it seemed too fake to me if u can dig that. Is there any decently priced (~500$) gear that i can cop to start learning how to scratch ? FL wavetraveller...
  20. Ayron Thelen

    PreSonus AudioBox 1818 vsl

    just copped this, finally can put my Fast track pro and audiobox usb to rest. newayz i have a question probably a dumb one but .... Why would line level inputs have built in preamps...You don't need to run 2 preamps on the same signal, and if the signal is line level its probably already been...
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