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  1. *D*

    Android Midi Questions?

    Greetings to everyone. I have a few questions for android users and if anyone has any experience with midi connections with it. I'm trying to connect my android tablet to a few hardware devices I own. Mainly to send midi out to my drum machines. Some of these machines have usb and all of them...
  2. *D*

    2016 Albums, singles, EP's, etc.

    What are you listening to that came out this year? I understand this is a very vague question, however I wanna see what new albums, singles, EP's, whatever is out there. Can be bands from 19 forgotten and just made an album this year. And GO...
  3. *D*

    Guitar Pedals

    Anyone here use guitar pedals along with there gear? I've found that using them for anything that has an input/output can create some amazing sounds. Here's one of my favorite guitar pedals I've been using. Other than using it for a guitar effect I use it in conjunction with my drum machines...
  4. *D*

    Hailing from Guam!

    Hafa Adai(Hello)! I'm from the little island out in the pacific called Guam! I am a multi-instrumentalist that loves gear and experimenting with sounds. Thank you for having me!
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