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  1. producervibes

    Curtiss King Reacts to our beat

    Curtiss King played our beat "Big Spill" on his Beat Curtique ( ep.37 ). CURTIQUE MY BEATS is the series where Curtiss King critiques, listens, and reacts to YouTube and Soundcloud music producer beats and gives constructive and positive feedback on them. Music Beat Critiques For Music...
  2. producervibes

    Beats distribution

    Should I spend money trying to distribute my beats on sites like DistroKid or TuneCore ? Are anyone doing that and what are the results? Personal I think that distribution is only for finished tracks for rap artists otherwise prove me that I'm wrong.
  3. producervibes

    GROSS BEAT PRESETS BANK "TOXIC" 2018 for FL Studio 12

    We made a new sample pack so I will put it hear because I didn't found anywhere closer then this topic to post it. WE make a new GROSS BEAT PRESETS BANK "TOXIC" 2018 for FL Studio 12 This sample pack contain 36 Gross Beat presets. Made in style of famous producers like Metro Boomin, Southside...
  4. producervibes

    Beats promotion sites

    I'm interested in my beats promotion on web sites, soundcloud,twitter,youtube,facebook channels that makes that kind of services. I found lots of them but usually they have running sripts and bots so all this plays,likes are fake. I'm avoiding that kind of services because soundcloud and...
  5. producervibes

    Producer Vibes

    Hello, we are team of music producers "Producer Vibes" from Europe that makes: Hip Hop Beats Sample Packs Mixing and Mastering Services Tutorials BUY BEATS / MIXING & MASTERING / SAMPLE PACKS / TUTORIALS: Subscribe To Our Newsletter To Get One Free Beat Every Month...

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