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  1. Klypse

    My instrumental album

    I just drop my instrumental album "The Ingredients". Come check it out: <a href="">
  2. Klypse

    Free Reason 10 lite

    For anyone that owns a MPD218, MPD226, MPD232, MPK225, MPK249, MPK261, MPK mini mk2, LPK25 Wireless, and LPD8 Wireless. You can get a free Reason 10 lite software if anyone is interested? More Info:
  3. Klypse

    Free beat tape

    I just made my first beat tape. It's called Andrumeda Vol. 1 and It is free to all because I just want to put my name out here...let me know what you think? It's mostly boombap with a little of triphop with a space theme.. Link:
  4. Klypse

    Which DAW do you use?

    I started off using Reason Propellerhead and still uses it. I tried FL Studio but I can't really dig it. I heard Albeton is really good and user friendly. I tried Pro Tools and like it. Which Daw do you guys/gals use? No Particular reason, I just want to know what everyone like to use. :cool:
  5. Klypse

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone, I've been making beats off and on for 7 years. My style is sampling and chopping samples. I just like the feel of it and it sounds cool. I'm here to learn new tricks and tips how to do it better and what not. Hope you guys have a good day and lets make this site one of the best ever.

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