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  1. GhostChamberz

    Warzone Beat Battle - May 31-June1, 2019

    Congrats @KAMBOSLICE. Beats was Fiyahh! Shoutout to @TACTIK and @Superior Beats also. Fiyahhh! @DEEZ BEATZ Your beat on round 2 oh man i could hear 2pac all over that beat. That doesnt happen often!
  2. GhostChamberz

    Beat This! - May 22-23, 2019

    @ConspiracyMuzik Congratz! Shit was ill! Good job everyone. Was tough to vote. @KAMBOSLICE I fuck with that beat! Dope!
  3. GhostChamberz

    A legendary night in Hip Hop. Must Watch

    I watched the whole fuckin thing bro lol. I'm a fiend for this kinda stuff though. Worth it. Statik is a beast. He put in that work fo real.
  4. GhostChamberz

    A legendary night in Hip Hop. Must Watch

    11 Hour Live stream of the whole creation of the Album Trillstatik. Bun B x Statik Selektah Featured Guests: Fat Joe, Method Man, Talib Kweli, Lil Fame ( M.O.P). Westside Gunn, Termanology, Big K.r.i.t., Smoke DZA, Meechy (Flatbush Zombies), Uncle Murda, CJ Fly Gave me the same feeling as the...
  5. GhostChamberz

    Beat This! - May 8-9, 2019

    @TACTIK Congrats! That was an ill beat man. Enjoyed that. Shoutout to the runner ups and participants also! Good stuff
  6. GhostChamberz

    Beat This! - May 8-9, 2019

    Voted. It was hard. Too much Fuego! Good luck to everyone and great job peoples!
  7. GhostChamberz

    Akai Fire controller for FL

    I started out on the MPC 2000 XL which i am considering re-purchasing mostly for the sound and the fact that its 100% standalone. Then i went over to the Maschine Studio, sold it got the Maschine MK3. Great hardware but not standalone and the software is trash still to this date. So i sold the...
  8. GhostChamberz

    What kind of interface do you have?

    If u wanna flex. Maybe get the SSL Six ? Or if you looking for something cheaper i think maybe Soundcraft EFX 12 or Soundcraft Signature 12. Maybe Allen & Heath ZED60-14FX. Depends how many inputs you need and...
  9. GhostChamberz

    Warzone Beat Battle - May 3-4, 2019

    @Producer_GyaL @Fade Thx guys! And thanks to everyone who were in the battle. Ya'll are scary. I need to step my game up!! @TACTIK and @twelve22 might be the new Lo-Fi godz? @44Beatzz u need to relax bro! I got my eyes on u :) @TACTIK and @DEEZ BEATZ ya'll need to relax also (N.O.R.E Voice)...
  10. GhostChamberz

    Beat This! - April 24-25, 2019

    Congrats @K-waz !! Great job. And also all the runner ups. Looking forward to hear more from all of you.
  11. GhostChamberz

    In need of some help

    Now days mostly Ableton Live. Sent u the Wav files.
  12. GhostChamberz

    Beat This! - April 24-25, 2019

    I was too late for the signup. I still made the beat though. Not mixed Voted. Was some nice stuff there. Good job everyone.
  13. GhostChamberz

    In need of some help

    I updated the track with the right song format. Transposed the chorus in the middle also. Lemme know if it sounds ok and i can send you the file on mail. Remember to refresh the page before u try to listen so it updates to new version.
  14. GhostChamberz

    In need of some help

  15. GhostChamberz

    In need of some help

    BPM is 117.45 I will help u. How many sick bars u doing per verse bruh? how many verse u want? Is it ok with: Intro - 16 Bar Verse - 8 Bar Chorus - 16 Bar Verse - Chorus x 2 - fade out with mad shoutouts to shawty wit da birthday
  16. GhostChamberz

    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #52

    Beat 1: Not feeling the stock dinosaur sounds. Beat 2: Wheres the 808 bro? Voted for Beat 3: Good mix. Melody is nice but mad repetetive. Overall the best beat for me
  17. GhostChamberz

    I need your feedback

    1. Why did you sign up here? I believe i signed up in 2004. The main reason i signed up was because i was looking for a community of like-minded people rocking MPCs and Motif Racks makin ill beatz sampled from stinky dusty vinylz. I remember names like Stresswon, DJ Excellence, Chrono...
  18. GhostChamberz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    @K-waz I love the flip man. the drums and bass is so on point. smooth AF
  19. GhostChamberz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    I couldnt resist fuck it :P
  20. GhostChamberz

    Billy Cobham - "Heather"

    What a classic sample. 93 till infinity. I cant flip this. I might have to leave this one alone :)

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