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  1. VaBeats

    Showcase - May 19-25, 2014

    @bcwarlock..nice, everyone like ahs. Sonically on point the filter and the snares commin in @Nel-E-Nel ..reworked sounds good, drum has a good sound...synth reminds me of some westcoast ish for a sec the leadin n instrument variety..strings,horns and...
  2. VaBeats

    What's the typical genre that you sample from first?

    ..I heard the Ice cream man commin up the street..yea that one.
  3. VaBeats

    Tutorials 5 Lessons I've Learned From Making Beats, Part 2

    yea..I take breaks to come back and see if I really hear what I think I do. Break is a strong word for me cause I only put in 20~30mins/day.
  4. VaBeats

    FL Studio Memory Error

    Its been a min..I'm sure you figured your probs by now. Yea it's an automatic 4gig mem use w/win 7/8/vista 64bit 3gb w/32bit with some xtra command line stuff.
  5. VaBeats

    FL Studio Memory Error

    ..using the extended exe version of fl studio?
  6. VaBeats

    Production 5 Reasons Why You Should Make Beats At Night

    @Andrei how do your +1 beats sound compared to the -1 ones...I already know!
  7. VaBeats

    So what's with this Kendrick Lamar guy?

    new is good..a lot of good beats/music is wasted by the subject
  8. VaBeats

    Ro Spit “Renaissance State Of Mind (Feat. Monica Blaire)”

    thas whats up..I kinda miss belle isle right about now..

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