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    Funny ass 90's video

    A classic video my high school buds and I made in 1999

    How did you start making beats?

    I got one of these in 7th grade ('97) with a multi track recorder. I learned how to play drums on the drum kits! It's still a good keyboard for a MIDI controller. They keys are are better velocity sensed than my Axiom Pro. Time to sell the Axiom and stop trying to look cool!

    Back for action

    It's been a while since I've been gettin busy on Ill Muzik... Time to get back in the mix and start sharing TactiK! These are chill ones: Got any links you can post on here? That would be dope! Peace Tak

    Copyrighted Samples

    I had a girl show me an Enya song she loved and I told her that the Fugees sampled it. ( She then told me how they got sued for $10,000 because they didn't clear the sample! I am not concerned about licensing my songs with...

    Cheap Vinyl Digs

    Digging through the crates of specific genres can become quite a skill after finding other artists and labels related to the vinyls that are looked for. Once becoming familiar with good and bad artists, finding dope vinyls doesn't always have to happen at the high quality record stores...

    Same Producer/MC

    Know any Producers that like to rhyme over their beats? I'm always curious to hear what many sound like, so please share if you do! This is the only beat I've ever rhymed over! As soon as I made the beat for this track, it pumped me up so much I just had to write and record this song l the same...

    Vinyl VS Digital DJing

    Playing just vinyl is well respected and always looked at as being a REAL DJ... But this is the new millennium and DJs are changing! For about 10 years I've been so anti digital playlist DJs and all about mixing vinyl only! I will still play vinyl only events depending on the theme...

    Creating a remix with an acapella over a beat

    Sometimes mixing an acapella can be difficult, especially if you don't have one on vinyl. But there is an easy way to do so with Ableton Live! First off, getting a good acapella is priority and a good way to do so is off of YouTube. A simple way to get a song from there is with Download Helper...

    Making a beat from random vinyls.

    This beat was all about choosing wax from my collection with a blindfold on and using the best samples from them for a song.
  10. TACTIK

    Starting from wax...

    Not an instructional video, just an "In the making" one...
  11. TACTIK

    Beat Makers - Chop Up/Create your own breakbeats

    Not that I have anything against using breaks for songs...If enough different hats, kicks, snares, ect. are each mixed together from other breaks/kits, completely unique sounding drum beats can be created that no one else has. It's getting to the point where so many breaks have been looped...

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