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  1. KurtisRich

    Recording from the MPC1000 to Macbook Pro

    Hook up wires to the laptop audio input
  2. KurtisRich

    How to do the Robot...

    White girls......
  3. KurtisRich

    Best audio converter software for mac?

    One word, iTunes. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1550
  4. KurtisRich

    What Should I Cop...Pro Tools or Logic?

    Fuck Pro tools, fuck Logic .... get Magix Music Maker
  5. KurtisRich

    Gimme back my mojo.................

    I've been having a beat block for months now too
  6. KurtisRich

    How do YOU do it?

    Connections connections connections - Network your ass off
  7. KurtisRich

    Befpre the Music Dies - Documentary on how the talent has disappeared in music

    I agree there's millions of talents out there around the world. However, this is 2010. Talents today is much different compared to talents back then. Music has changed, the industry has changed and so has the artists. As the years go by, people do not want to listen to the same style of...
  8. KurtisRich

    Wassup MOFOS!

  9. KurtisRich

    Wassup MOFOS!

    What's up yall. Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive and well. I know I haven't posted anything lately but, I am alive and well. I've just been busy with work, DJ'n, doing projects, and I haven't been checking up on this site as much as I used to. Things are going to get...
  10. KurtisRich

    Worst movie you ever saw... of one of them...

    Worst movie I ever saw in 09.... Transformers 2
  11. KurtisRich

    The illest new lyrical demon in the game...

    Yo yall don't even know... this track is bump'n at the club I spin at!! I throw this shit on... the crowd go nuts!!!
  12. KurtisRich

    Thoughts on pirated software?

    Man... who gives a shit... if you pay for it, GREAT! If you don't, GREAT! At the end of the day it's all about who makes the hottest shit!!!GOD DAMMIT!! QUIT BITCHIN!!! Go start a anti-pirating company or something!!
  13. KurtisRich

    November 25-28, 2009 - Comments/Questions

    I will win this one
  14. KurtisRich

    "Every Girl" vocal effect

    Pitch shift
  15. KurtisRich

    Kanye at his best (worst?) lol

    Looks like he got Aspurger syndrome + Bipolar disorder lol. And Beyonce still has bad breath. Bitch got some yellow ass teeth
  16. KurtisRich


    Soundclick is gay anyway. They deleted my acount for not putting the tracks in the proper category when in my opinion it should belong in that category.
  17. KurtisRich

    Changing my mind....Soulja fx on the youth..

    That shit was better than America's Best Dance Crew
  18. KurtisRich


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