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  1. Humble_Minds_

    What's good?

    Humble Minds Music is my production company in which I many producers and writers other than myself.
  2. Humble_Minds_

    What's good?

    Thank you bro.
  3. Humble_Minds_

    What's good?

    I started playing the drums at my church at the age of 11. By the time I was 13 i was playing the piano in church. Went to college to be come a Recording engineer. Didn't really start making beats until college on MTV Music Generator. Made a lot of tracks that Got deleted by a hard drive crash...
  4. Humble_Minds_

    Showcase - May 13-19, 2019

    Yo this is dope. I love the vibe. check out this track .
  5. Humble_Minds_

    What's good?

    What's up fellow musicians an beatmakers. My production name is D-Phlat, I'm From NC. I run Humble Minds Music. I play piano, and drums. Always looking to collab. Been producing for a while I took a long time off when I got married and had my son. But I'm back and ready to make this what I do...

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