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  1. RizzakBeats

    Travis Scott - "Astroworld"

    Hey guys, wanted to start a little discussion on Travis Scotts' "Astroworld", which was released some weeks ago. Do you like the album / in comparison to his old stuff / what songs do you prefer the most and what producer do you thing did a great job on the album? For me, "Stargazing", "Sicko...
  2. RizzakBeats

    Changed from VST to real Bassguitar

    Hey illiens, My Samplers don't sound as good as a bassguitar I'm used to hear on soul, jazz and rock recordings. Also I have a musician-friend who is in a metal band and he owns one although he is a guitarist. Everytime I had some smooth beats I had to ask him if he has the time to play it for...
  3. RizzakBeats

    Producers Meme

    Guys, I challenge you to show me your best producer memes you've collected, found or even made on your own. I start with this made by my own; if any Rappers here, no offense, just want to laugh a little bit.
  4. RizzakBeats

    New Member

    Hey guys, I'm from Germany and new here. Hope this is a frequently used place so communication is quick :) Making Beats with Logic Pro X, sometimes even programming my drums all by myself, sometimes using my e-guitar and love to built new sounds with the synthesizer in Logic. Also have a...

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