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    Showcase - December 3-9, 2018

    Not new but finally uploaded on AtomicBeats. Beat is a winner of p5Audio Xmas Beat Competition Crazy guitar playing by A.G.C Would love to hear your opinions Oh and would really appreciate if you subscribe to our YT. Good beats (i hope) but terrible marketing lol
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    Showcase - April 16-22, 2018

    NEW BEAT We hooked up with another producer from Croatia (as are we) - TunnaBeatz and made awesome beat with Hook by The Jokerr Check out this awesome cro powered beat and let us know what you think
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    Mixing Tutorials

    Here's couple of our old mixing tutorials. Maybe someone founds em useful
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    Showcase - March 5-11, 2018

    New Beat up! "Can't Look Down" with hook by Chelsea Davis
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    Showcase - March 5-11, 2018

    @Slikz Universe Piano is really nice. But thats about it. Don't like the bass line and mix really needs to be better
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    Showcase - January 22-28, 2018

    F me. After 2 years... TWO years AtomicBeats finally released a new beat! So here we come again with this ish with Here i Come beat :p Hook by Fudge Check it out and tell me what you think
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    Showcase - April 18-25, 2016

    Hey Just recently we start to take our soundcloud seriously so we basically upload all we got + bout 15-20 of free untagged beats (some wav) So check us out
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    Showcase - January 4-10, 2016

    Hey After some time we "released" another beat and would be cool if we could get some feedback on it "I Just Wanna Fly" with hook by Fudge
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    Thank u friends
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    What else do i need to have a good home recording set-up?

    He prob talks bout mixing... 90% of "popular" music is done on FL aynway. And whats the difference between working on Cubase and ProTools? Almoast the same work flow (for me) Oh and bout mic... I would recommend u AT3035 condenser. Or better, but u can't go wrong with audio thehnica mics...
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    TC Electronic PowerCore (Help before buy)

    No its not really a good deal... I got mine for 90$ over ebay. Reverbs on it are great though
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    World Cup

    Congrats USA. I hope u go far. Ur next game is prob against Serbia and u can beat them without a problem...
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    Hey everybody! Some of you might know us from Warbeats, I (Slavebell) got one of the best "remix producer" in the world, Mart85, and Warbeats Tournament Winner, Henry Alas, to join me and together we formed AtomicBeats! Nice to be here

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