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  1. PhatRipz

    Showcase - April 1-7, 2019

    @Maine's Dream I really dig the vibe from this. The only thing is it came through really loud on my headphones not sure if that's just my bad or your track lol. @MickMain The drums in this sound great and i really love the synth sounds too. Definitely a dark/spooky vibe for sure @WIKTO-GRIZZLY...
  2. PhatRipz

    Showcase - February 25-March 3, 2019

    @EsquireMusic111 Really like the synth/keyboard sample in this. @K.D.R. Love the simplicity in your piece. It's definitely a good sample to add some drums to and make a full track out of. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  3. PhatRipz

    Showcase - February 25-March 3, 2019

    Made this heavy-ish beat with my friend. I've been doing all of my work on Garageband until I can afford something like Logic. I definitely think my sound mixing needs a lot of work, but I'd still like to put it out there so let me know how it sounds!
  4. PhatRipz

    Showcase - February 11-17, 2019

    @Reddix I like this a lot especially the 808s.The only thing I might suggest is a less punchy kick and maybe a little more variety in some places. I just posted a beat where I tried to use some hard 808s, but it's a little more on the chill side, I think it'd fit well for someone like Frank...
  5. PhatRipz

    Just starting out.

    Hey everyone, I'm Fletch or PhatRipz. I'm currently a music student just making beats on the side for fun, but I hope to one day maybe make production a career. I'm extremely beginner and only have a few tracks out, so I hope this site can help get some more ears hearing my stuff. Thanks!

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