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  1. KoRz0n4GOD

    Beat This! - April 12-13, 2018

    Congrats to all :-] @ArvinArmani haha, I like Your shouting here hahaha, it was good detective, 100% true. Anyway all the best to You and all :-]
  2. KoRz0n4GOD

    New ILL Compilations

    It not has to be intentional. It is in a blood and swimming in veins. But this making a very good articles and mood of IllMuzik. Bring people a lot of facts. History etc. Everything I notice here is of course just overall - when I play people work here, when I read comments and articles here. I...
  3. KoRz0n4GOD

    New ILL Compilations

    1) Like i said what i see here is my and my homies observation and opinion, but If more people see it that we see : (like You said „I don't get why people say that..” ) its becouse of some reason. 2) i also think style for each compilation it is building walls or heaping of distribution like...
  4. KoRz0n4GOD

    New ILL Compilations

    May it happend couse boom bap beat wasnt enought good :-] anyway like i said it was my opinion and whatever. I dont care about tournaments. My point is boom bap rules here. Those things its all matter of a taste. And i do not have any problem with it also with any other kind of rap like trap, If...
  5. KoRz0n4GOD

    New ILL Compilations

    Yes. That what im talking about. I see a lot of producers here changed their styles to win contest couse more people here like boom bab and this is a reason why. To be a winner here. So in my opiniom it will be hard to pick up diferent styles if members like mostly one style and they will be...
  6. KoRz0n4GOD

    Warzone Beat Battle - April 6-7, 2018

    As like I expect, Hermetically. Winners please take congratulations ! :-]
  7. KoRz0n4GOD

    Warzone Beat Battle - April 6-7, 2018

    i'm ready for this - do world is ready for me ? ;-] I also wish good luck to everybody!
  8. KoRz0n4GOD

    New ILL Compilations

    Hah! 1) Great idea :-] 2) i think it should be mixed compilations, some people has own style another reason why mixed is that people(listeners) can find this different style 3) im with all of You but casting voice belong to administrators :-]
  9. KoRz0n4GOD

    Beat This! - March 28-29, 2018

    Hi !!! :-] To begin with I want to thank to everyone individually who voted on my track in this competition like in competitions before. Second word is to FADE who's doing, great job with - it is always necessary to say it when somebody is doing excellent and hard work! And at least...

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