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  1. Silentz

    Usb turntable

    Does anyone else use a turntable with usb to record into a daw specifically Fl Studio? It didnt look like it would be considered midi so I wanted to make sure it would record as a line in before I buy one. Hope this makes sense.
  2. Silentz

    Vacum Pro sale

    Just copped Vacum Pro an analog synth plugin from pluginboutique.com for 1.00. Normal price is 149.00 in case anyone is interested.
  3. Silentz

    Mpc Studio

    So I'm thinking of trying to get a few bucks out of my mpc 500. My question is do you think it would be worth it to cop an Mpc Studio if I already have an mpk mini 2 and use Fl Studio. I really love using the mpc it's just the 500 is so outdated, programming it takes so long I dont even use it...
  4. Silentz

    Weak drums

    So I been noticing lately I feel like my drums sound weak as fuck. Not so much rhythm wise its like they got no punch or feeling. I want to make those drums that make you bob your head but I feel they are lacking. I have read tutorials and watched videos about layering, adding reverb...
  5. Silentz

    Sound Academy Hq

    For anyone who is a podcast nerd like me theres a pretty dope podcast called Sound Academy Hq. They cover all aspects of production. You can subscribe at...
  6. Silentz

    Whats your 9-5?

    I was sitting here thinking about how much I hate mine sonetikes and thought I would ask. I work in customer service for a mid sized cell phone company. I get bitched at and called a dick wad sometimes but it actually pays pretty good and has good benefits so I deal with it.
  7. Silentz

    Rapture on Netflix

    If you havnt checked this shit out its dope. Personally I like the Nas episode and being into production the Just Blaze episode was so fuckin dope. Check it out if you have Netflix.
  8. Silentz

    Phryme 2

    With all the bullshit out there it's nice to know real hip hop still exist. Cop this shit and if you havnt got the first one, its fire.
  9. Silentz

    Fl studio recording

    So Im just getting into using a midi keyboard with Fl Studio. When I record notes on the keyboard, it will only record one note in each pattern. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change?
  10. Silentz

    Akai mpk mini 2

    Anyone here use it and what do you think? Thinking about grabbing one today.
  11. Silentz

    Mpc "Invalid file format"

    Does anyone know why I get this error on my Mpc when trying to load certain loops and kits I've downloaded? They are in wav format so I don't understand why some samples are invalid.
  12. Silentz

    Hard drive crash

    Ugghh what a shit day. My hard drive crashed and I lost a ton of samples I chopped up over the last few months that I had never used plus I had gotten a pretty decent sound library built up. Luckily I was smart enough to back up my beats and the programming for them onto a jump drive. Back up...
  13. Silentz


    Had a dream last night I was in a store digging through vinyls. I looked through so many I fell asleep in a pile of records and after hours an employee finally woke me up. Anyone else had crazy dreams about making beats?
  14. Silentz

    Sup everybody

    Just wanted to say whats up. I go by The Knoxvillan. Im probably the old guy here. Im 35 but just got back into making beats a few months ago. I made beats for a breif time in my early twenties using fl studio. I stopped to work and take care of my wife and kids. A few months ago I got my hands...