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  1. Bugsy

    The Wonder Year - 9th Wonder Documentary

    9th Wonder is one of the beatmakers that I look up to. He's just real to me. I've been looking for a way to watch this for some time now, Ended up finding it on youtube. Hope it gives you the inspiration and knowledge that it gave me, Keep doing it for the love.
  2. Bugsy

    Want to join an annual beatmaking contest? Sydney, Australia Beatmakers

    Hey guys, so a spot opened up on our beat battle happening on Sydney. Figured I should let you guys know and hopefully get you to join. Lots of prizes and connections. also the opportunity to meet a fellow Illmuzik Member. Hope this is okay @Fade? If not, Just delete it. Thanks :D
  3. Bugsy

    ASYMMETRY - Cliff Harrison ( Produced by Bugsy Ocampo )

    Hey guys, just wanted to share one of the projects I was a part of. Cliff Harrison is one of the artists I work with. He recently dropped his tape Asymmetry. I produced 2 tracks : Moonlight : Hallelujah :
  4. Bugsy

    Samplers to get a vintage / nostalgic sound

    So I'm currently in the market looking for Hardware, mostly samplers that have that vintage sound to it or mostly color the sound with filters. This isn't the only reason I'm getting one, I have been doing music mostly on the computer and was wanting to have the option to step away from that...
  5. Bugsy

    Sup Ill Fam!! Bugsy's back!

    Just thought I'd say Hi and check in on everybody on here especially @Fade. Its been a while since I got on here. I haven't been active but I still come here to check out whats what on the down low. Id like to reintroduce me to each and every one, especially to the newcomers! Welcome! My name...
  6. Bugsy

    Studio Monitors

    Hi guys im in the market for some decent but good quality studio monitors. Ive been looking at some of them and shortlisted to what I think would be a good buy. Presonus Eris Yamaha hs Since they are the most vital gear we use I was thinking of buying brand new ones. up till now Ive been...
  7. Bugsy

    Rhythm Roulette - Large Professor

    the best so far in my opinion, second would be just blaze's...
  8. Bugsy

    Back to Yesterday...
  9. Bugsy

    Ecler Nuo 2.0

    Do you guys have any opinion about this? How does it compare to other mixers?
  10. Bugsy

    Ripping Vinyl with Traktor Scratch Audio 6

    hey guys, So my rane ttm56s decided not to work last weekend. (probably a fuse, but im too scared to open it up and make things worse. and cant find anyone to service the damn thing.) Last night i had the idea of sampling vinyl using my Technics sl1200 connected to my Traktor A6 directly to...
  11. Bugsy

    NWA Trailer! :) Cant wait!

  12. Bugsy

    Knowledge dropped by Q-Tip :cool:
  13. Bugsy

    This two together...cant wait!

  14. Bugsy

    5 Must Haves if your a Beatmaker/Music Producer...

    Hey guys just thought i might start another thread that might help others..:D If you guys could pitch in on what you think are the 5 foremost hardware's or things that you should have regardless of anything that you do whether your a beat maker or a producer or scorer or whatever else comes to...
  15. Bugsy

    Im about to buy...

    Im about to buy a Rane ttm56s second hand for $500 , was wondering if there is anything i should look out for before i finalize the deal..the guy says its brand new (but i wanted to make sure.) is there anything that i need to check to make sure its legit? is there anything at all that needs to...
  16. Bugsy

    Not much but at least im getting somewhere.

    Hey so I did this interview with one of the largest hiphop sites and gathering here in Australia. was really psyched on how it turned out, So i thought why not share it here. It may not be a big one, but at least its something i can look back to as a stepping stone. Tell me what you guys think...
  17. Bugsy

    A-F-R-O Damn!!!!!

    this is SKILL!!
  18. Bugsy

    Fader Keychain...

    Man, This is a good one...would definitely get 3 or 2 of these... 1 point for technology.
  19. Bugsy

    Maschine as a VST inside Ableton

    Hey guys, finally have more free time to get back to work and do beats. But I need help, I tried searching the net for ways to do this but had no luck. Basically, I want to use Maschine on Ableton, Unfortunately I dont know what file im supposed to be looking for. Or I probably have to re...
  20. Bugsy

    The Power of Music

    Now thats inspiration! DOOOOOO EEEET! Lol :D

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