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  1. Relic

    Hello I am RelicofRIP voice of Illmuzik Radio and Carolina Cuts

    I move heavily in the background and try and promote this site in the south of the US and around the world. I used to have about a thousand posts a day lol, I learned from everyone here and my mixing has gotten pretty okay ish and has helped put the cack on the map as well as many...
  2. Relic

    HELP Digi 003 will not make sound!

    I have tried re-installing I have made sure that the playback engine is set to 003 I have deleted ASIO , I have tried everything I can think of and it will not play anything through the headphones or the monitors. My pc has been acting up lately and as soon as I thought I had that part fixed...
  3. Relic

    Need YOUR BEATS for Carolina Cuts Radio !

    So I have been moving into showcasing producers on the show for the intro and outro tracks. If you have some fire and would like to be featured send UNTAGGED beats to Include contact info for people to reach you if they want to buy your beats . If the tracks are...
  4. Relic

    Need your vote for Carolina Cuts

    If you get a chance you can vote daily please go to : Click on voting , you have to put an email but they don't spam you , then scroll down to best radio show and click on Carolina Cuts (or Love Notes if that's your show). Im promoting CC more for this because it exposes...
  5. Relic

    6 Weirdest things we have learned since 9/11 Now as you know Im not big on conspiracies, but I have thought about everything mentioned in this article at one time or another and I share the autors opinion on how we got here and where it might go. I think you guys...
  6. Relic

    DL this , burn it, get with ya sex partner(s) and rock out on this

    Best underground RnB show to date . Man who are you 20 people who always know before I do the show is up!!!??? LOL I love you ! If you have the chops to be anywhere near this show with your hiphop and RnB then send...
  7. Relic

    Listen to this interview and get knowledge from an industry leader Ok so go ahead and skip to the 30 minute mark. This is a blogtalkradio show that one of the artists I work with does every morning. (Honey Dip) I dont like how shitty the sound is on blogtalk but you...
  8. Relic

    Carolina Cuts has expanded its reach !

    ATTENTION: We have teamed up with Grindhouse in order to make the following announcement possible: In addition to being able to hear Carolina Cuts on as well as itunes at Now we are also on every...
  9. Relic

    Check out this Video that Im in...

    Im the " boss" guy. This is one of the companies I work with. Shot by my man Krucial he does the editing and everything.
  10. Relic

    Any Questions for Keith Murray ?

    I may be interviewing him tomorrow.. You guys have any questions you want me to ask him post in here asap.
  11. Relic

    Showcase January 15-23 2013

    Post your beats! And please provide feedback. *Remember: give feedback, then post your beat.
  12. Relic

    Music Business 101

    This is great information.
  13. Relic

    Flava Flav WAAAAaaaaaay more Talented than you knew !

    Via Today, Flavor Flav is mostly famous for being a reality TV punchline -- the guy that other reality TV stars can talk to when they want to know what it feels like to tell someone else they need to...
  14. Relic

    How do I find out my "BMI Number"??

    The entertainment compnay I am working with wants to know what my number is so I can get royalties for songs I make for them.. Where the hell do I find this thing? Yes Im a BMI member but they dont give a crap if you arent big name and arent helpful at getting back with you so Im hoping someone...
  15. Relic

    8 Social Media Tips
  16. Relic

    Id like some feedback on this video i'm in.

    This is my man Breeze rhyming, I mixed the song and i'm the demon in this
  17. Relic

    Does anyone have a pre made simple contract for selling exclusive rights to a beat?

    We used to have them on this forum but now that the site has changed a couple of times I cant seem to find it. If anyone has a copy of it or one like it please let me know , I need one asap. I have a couple of tracks Im selling and I need to get the contract immediately. Thanks.
  18. Relic

    Who here Can do a commercial for the site?

    Everyone here is creative and has recording gear, Im looking for someone who can do a comercial advertising the site to be put on the Carolina Cuts show. Id do it myself but Im on too many ads on there already , I need another voice up in there. So whos down ?
  19. Relic

    Hey how about that

    Who watches ? I dont know anything about the game lol.
  20. Relic

    Zombie Story with a different Twist WTF??? This is hard to believe.
Warzone Beat Battle