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  1. Da IllFellaz

    Artwork needed for new artist mixtape with major online distribution

    ok, havent been here in a while but been working on numerous projects. Right now finishing up on my man Jon Klein aka Midas The King's mixtape "The Gold Standard" that will be available for free download thru major online distribution outlets. Basically what we need is two files, an album...
  2. Da IllFellaz


    ima fan period... this dude is DOPE!!!!!! now there are three things i like that are french.... hennessey, zidane, and 20syl!!!!!!
  3. Da IllFellaz

    Moving to myrtle beach!!!

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got the offer today. just gota iron out some details then its a wrap!!!!! making beats on the beach sounds like a DOPPPPPEEEEEE idea. talk about inspiration....
  4. Da IllFellaz

    Emilio Rojas - The Natural Present by DJ Green Lantern

    free download... feeling dude big time.... mphazes, green lantern, boi-1da..... my dude mixed part of the album... submitted beats but aint make it... maybe luckier in the future....
  5. Da IllFellaz

    Qui Rice (Jerry Rice's Daughter) and Milly Warbucks on Channel 9 News

    Track Produced by Da IllFellaz mixing/mastering as we speak..... love that studio.....
  6. Da IllFellaz

    Ummmmm..... HAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHA..... FADE ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! Do you screen this advertisers? I now money is tight but damn. I hope he is paying you an arm and leg. Or is he paying you in beats?
  7. Da IllFellaz

    Gotttt em!!!!!

    Got this in my work email today: From The London Times: A Well-Planned Retirement Outside England's Bristol Zoo there is a parking lot for 150 cars and 8 buses. For 25 years, its parking fees were managed by a very pleasant attendant. The fees were £1 for cars...
  8. Da IllFellaz

    LOVE this shit here....

    GFK - Be This Way Billy Stewart - We'll Always be Together Wow......... EVERYTIME i hear this track i get fucking AMPEDDDDD....
  9. Da IllFellaz

    What would you do....

    Okay.... So I'm chillin in the airport waiting for my flight to board. Next thing you know, Rick Ross walks out of the terminal I'm bout to walk thru. Now, at first, I was like there is no way thats him. He actually was ALOT smaller than I thought he would be and seemed like just another...
  10. Da IllFellaz anybody ever used this? i think it is a great marketing tool. email blast 100,000 djs/radio personalities/industry execs/a&r's, etc. gives you stats of who is downloading, from where, comments, etc. we jus sent out my artist's first single that we produced thru it and we...
  11. Da IllFellaz

    Splitting Mixer Tracks in FL 7

    Anyone having problems splitting mixer tracks in FL 7? In FL 6, when i split everything the program would recognize only the mixer tracks that I needed with instruments/samples in them. Now in FL 7, it splits EVERY F'N CHANNEL, (ALL 64 including the Sends!!!). It doesnt even finish...
  12. Da IllFellaz

    Flipsoulfisha On Blasstttt!!!!!!

    You Cant Be Serious!!!! wat he emailed me..... Before I say anything... I'd like to know where you got the sample for Scuured or what ever!? I'm not accusin' yet, but I've made a beat & payed to clear the sample & I had it copyrighted Nov. 2005. If you can tell me who the artist is 7 the...
  13. Da IllFellaz

    On Da Radio 96.1 kiss FM

    ayo wats good. we got the opportunity to be on the radio this saturday on Mr. Vince's weekly saturday radio show on 96.1 Kiss FM, Poughkeepsie, NY. somewhere around 7:45 and 8:45 he will be braking my man Milly Warbucks's song "Im In Here" Produced by me. it can also be heard online at...
  14. Da IllFellaz

    Dual Monitor Setup

    This isnt really a recording setup problem but more of a pc problem. I jus bought a new flats screen monitor. Im tryin to hook it up wehre i can have one desktop spread across both monitors. NOT da same dekstop on both monitors. I wana be able to expand my workspace onto each monitor. For...
  15. Da IllFellaz

    Maximize your PC's Performance

    Man, i was jus put onto this site n its da shit. I printed EVERY page of info they had. This is a must have for XP users. nomezzy
  16. Da IllFellaz


    3,000+ records for $120 bux DAMNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! EQ!!!!!!!!
  17. Da IllFellaz

    Yamaha Motif

    Should i cop the Yamaha Motif 6 or not!?!?!?! That is my main question. Is it worth it to get a new one or save a few hundred and get one used!?!?!?!? Nomics
  18. Da IllFellaz

    Opening up for Inspectah Deck & U-God

    Thursday Nov 10th we opening up for Inspectah Deck and U-God of Wu Tang Clan at Hudson Duster in Troy, NY (Right outside Albany, NY). My man Milly Warbucks and I along with JB!! (Who ive also produced for) and a few other acts will be performing before da Wu gets on stage. We were a late...
  19. Da IllFellaz

    Diddddd It Agaiinnnnn!!!!!!!!

    1300 Records = $50 Bux = MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD VINYL = YEAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! EQ!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Da IllFellaz

    EQ On the Radio AGAIN!!!

    Wats good yall. If ayone is in the capital region in Upstate NY around 12 - 2am, tune into WCDB 90.9 and check us out. We gon be featured on there showcasing brand new music from EQ. If not, you can stream the show from Good look to all who show love...