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  1. static

    whats new with you guys?

    long time no visit - whats new with the ill community? ive been good myself
  2. static

    school project. guys want to help? id appreciate it

    ok so in class we have to do a run down on if we were given 30,000 USD to spend on a commercial studio how would we do it. we have to 1. have enough equipment to home a live band(extra guitar strings, drums, mics, and the basic guitar and keyboard cables and what ever is needed to hook them...
  3. static

    google only for today though!

    dunno if this has been posted yet but only for today will google have this go to your pc or laptop go to google.com youll see a playable moog btw its robert moods Bday https://www.google.com/search?q=Bob+Moog&oi=ddle&ct=moog12-hp&biw=1006&bih=593
  4. static


    DealWithNoDeal: TheLegion - [freshman 15] [Beat Tape] http://bit.ly/HWFs4Z
  5. static


    im back - took some soul searching and study time and ish. i think im ready to get back into this group head strong :) whats up and what did i miss?
  6. static

    does this not sound like a 2011 prince track?

  7. static

    kanye west father?

    ok so im from oklahoma and i just as well as anyone else from here knows he was raised a little of his life down here. but i recently was stuck in deep thought over some things in hip hop and realized 1. kanye west is kanye's real name 2. cornel west has the same last name 3...
  8. static

    so i busted my hand up

    SMH @ what i had before this lol
  9. static

    im gonna do a mixtape

    im about to throw together a mixtape-all me-ill be lookin for features-it will mostly be produced by me- i have no theme yet- im still gathering instrumentals so when im half way thru ill get the name and art work up- its gonna be hosted by DJ lazyK & dj drama boi & possibly have some...
  10. static

    ask me anything!

    hook it up on formspring ppl and drop yalls formspring links. its a good way to get questions and real answers on anything weather itbe music or not I'm having fun with Formspring.me. Create an account and follow me at http://formspring.me/Static1271
  11. static

    we just landed a track with some so icy artist.(video included)

    http://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh1231W7q98o5IG9sz we all know i do the downsouth thing heavy. well i had some a&r's scout me like five months back and we used this oj the juice man sample and then gave it to flocka riginally but then frenchie and gbaby got the track...
  12. static

    So who here is good at mixing?

    Ok so I have a person who is looking for some mixin services Soooo I came to y'all to get y'all business all you gotta do is Email him "rezburnamusic@gmail.com" send him a snipp of your work and you rates he will choose who he feels is worth it And he's serious so please be also...
  13. static

    Graduated today

    Feels great like foreal to just know thy our done ya kno?
  14. static

    so in english i get to write this essay....

    and its a compare-contrast essay. and im thinking about doing it over theneptunes production style vs. timbalands shit should be fun. just thought id share.
  15. static

    "find your love"-drake(prod. by kanye)

    i gotta say this track is well produced well engineered and well written kanye mixed the ballad type strings and piano with the blend of those 80's drums so the old folk can two step to this one also lol but seriously the instrumental and lyric in the song are just on point. mad...
  16. static

    just wana make sure before i buy this neko

    ok so i wana make sure i could use it likei use reason in fl studio and remwire or if i could install the fl studio DAW on there and use the sounds from the neko into the fl system so someone get at me about this im tryna purches asap!
  17. static

    happy bday to me!!!

    i made it to 18 finally holla ! not the youngest on the site no more
  18. static

    so i started on my tattoo's

  19. static

    wow so bg and pharrell gave it to nelly lol....

    ^original ^09 version
  20. static

    thelegion hitting again with a beat video :)

    YouTube - TheLegion Bitch

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