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  1. thedreampolice

    Does this count as new hardware?

    I’m pretty pumped. Always wanted to learn upright
  2. thedreampolice

    Pretty cool picture someone in the crowd got at our last show.

    Not sure if this is weird or not but I think this is a pretty cool shot of our last show. You can see me in the back right on the bass there. Fade feel free to delete if against the rules. We have been trying to up our live production game and lights make a huge difference. We worked with the...
  3. thedreampolice

    I interviewed P.O.S. in the latest issue of Ghettoblaster magazine.

    It should be in every major bookstore by now. It is also my first over story. I also do a story on Damu the Fudgemonk in this one. P.O.S. was a great sport I even asked him about hot sauce. Check it out!
  4. thedreampolice

    Reason now has VST support

    In case everyone missed it. Holy crap that is amazing. I LOVE Reason but was starting to move away from it because of the orchestral stuff I had been working on. Now I am good to go! Awesome!
  5. thedreampolice

    Dis raps for hire!!

    IS AMAZING, I cant stop watching. START HERE.
  6. thedreampolice

    Presonus Studio One V3

    WOW. Looks great!
  7. thedreampolice

    Eastwest Composer Cloud. WOW

    11k worth of sample libraries for $50 a month. Amazing. http://www.soundsonline.com/composercloud
  8. thedreampolice

    Kenny G and Warren G WTF! HA

  9. thedreampolice

    New Sonar!

    Looks awesome. How did you miss this @Fade HA! https://www.cakewalk.com/products/SONAR/ and a subscription service. INTERESTING. hmmm
  10. thedreampolice

    Spotify goes live in Canada!

    So now all you Canadian mother fuckers can finally taste the future! @Fade http://www.engadget.com/2014/09/30/spotify-goes-live-in-canada/
  11. thedreampolice

    So I think Ello is going to be huge

    The anti facebook https://ello.co/ and https://ello.co/wtf/post/about Tons of great creative people on there already. Its still invite only and I have some extra invites so PM your email if you want one.
  12. thedreampolice

    Great DAW reviews

    ok here is a short list, this my opinion on what each one does the BEST. And I tried to only discuss useful features because honestly I dont care if I daw can export right to youtue. Of course this is subjective. But here you go. Pro tools #1 Hands down best ADR tools. #2 fantastic routing...
  13. thedreampolice

    A song everyone should hear!! Holy SHIT

  14. thedreampolice

    Reason 8!! :)

  15. thedreampolice

    Forgot About Dre!! WOW

  16. thedreampolice

    Shit rappers say 2014

  17. thedreampolice

    Kanye lyrics explained!

  18. thedreampolice

    Watch this, and prepare for a great day!

    Funniest thing I have seen in a while.
  19. thedreampolice


    Bitwig bitwig bitwig! Come on fade get on the ball. Welcome to the future!

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