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  1. Memento Mori

    Showcase - March 26 - April 1, 2018

    I like that a lot, it has a real vibe to it. Everything in the mix sounds really clean, and your vocals really add something to the track. Here's my latest outing: I'd love to hear what y'all think!
  2. Memento Mori

    Showcase - March 12-18, 2018

    @GhostChamberz @808 beats @producervibes all three of y'all's beats are wavy and I love to have heard them!
  3. Memento Mori

    Showcase - March 12-18, 2018

    @KuKo Hey, I really like that...pad? Sample? I think it's a reversed sample, I don't know. It sounds very nice and strikes a very resonant chord. But the beat, I think, is missing an element of progression. I think maybe another sound belongs in there somewhere. Maybe just a rapper. If you'd...
  4. Memento Mori

    Hi Y'all

    I'm open to anything really, except Christian contemporary, pop country, and nonironic hickhop.
  5. Memento Mori

    Hi Y'all

    I use FL Studio 12 with an Alesis Q49 controller. I'm learning Ableton Live 9.
  6. Memento Mori

    Hi Y'all

    I go by the tag Memento Mori. I'm a producer from waaayy out in the middle of nowhere in rural North Carolina. I've been producing since new years 2017 which means I have about a year-and-a-quarter experience. I haven't settled into a "sound" yet; I just make whatever I think schlaps.

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