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    Which Music Service Do You Recommend That Has Better Audio Quality Than SoundCloud??

    Which music service do you recommend that encodes tracks at higher quality like 256kbps or 320kbs AAC or MP3 that has a lot of artist using the service and good music?? I like Soundcloud but there are to many tracks that sound like really bad 96kbps MP3 I think Soundcloud maxes at 128kbps.
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    Looking For A Good Free Alternative To Mixman Studio

    I like Mixman studio the program does not have enough beats and some of the beats are kinda crappy. Anybody know of a good free alternative to Mixman Studio to make beats that is easy to use and comes with a lot of beats or you can download a large beat pack and use it with the program other...
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    Can Anybody Make A Few Radio Station IDs For My Online Radio Station

    Can anybody hook me up with a few radio station ids thx
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    When It Comes to Today's Music, What ONE Thing Frustrates You The Most?

    Rap music now you can hear the same drum hat kick in over 100 songs S M H
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    Can Anybody Make A Few Radio Station IDs For My Online Radio Station

    I need a few radio station ids for online radio station Phat Beats Radio I am not asking for anything complex just simple ids Here is what you what the ids can say Phat Beats Radio playing the best Rap Hiphop R&B Soul Funk Reggae from the 70s to early 2000s Phat Beats Radio Houston Phat Radio...
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    Hello From Houston TX

    Hello 37 male from Houston TX I run Phat Beats Radio online radio station looking for a few ids for my online radio station.

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