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    Any word on @Fade yet? Praying for you to get through what you gotta....
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    HIstory of THE ILL

    Has there been anyone in the history of the ILL to win a WarZone Beat Battle with only one beat?
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    I was kind of thinking the other day. A lot of the battles here come down to boom bap vs trap. i know we vote on which beat we think is better. But from a listening analysis stand point how is this helping us as producers? Most ears hear what they want to hear. Where are the ears that hear what...
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    Copyright lil nas x

    Everyone heard lil nas x “old town road” is getting sued? For apparently not clearing a sample for the song
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    Energy in Music

    Sometimes i sit back and think if producers and artists really understand the power they have at their fingertips. Music is a very influential power in the world. It shapes ideas, molds futures, and can be found throughout the entire universe. It is the force that binds us together. Name one...
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    Any word on @Fade ? How is he doing? Etc...?
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    Im new in Town

    Hi all. My name is Eddie. Ive been making music for the majority of my life. Started off in band and evolved from there. Music is some more to me than others. Its more of a spirit science to me. Frequency, Vibrations, Energy, its all connected. I look forward to listening and ultimately...