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  1. Obscene Planet

    Sam Spence - "Sad Homecoming"

    This is one of my favorite dudes. Sam Spence whole portfolio is dangerous.
  2. Obscene Planet

    Beat This! - July 20-21, 2016

    Thanks bro. I come off as abrasive sometimes, I know. Again, no disrespect. I really appreciate the community you've created and the elevation these contests inspire.
  3. Obscene Planet

    Beat This! - July 20-21, 2016

    One on one consultation from industry insider Greg Savage on music licensing. To my understanding, music licensing is getting your music licensed to be used in commercials, TV, movies, video games. Music licensing pays you to use your track. A potential client isn't going to pay for your...
  4. Obscene Planet

    Beat This! - July 20-21, 2016

    I dig the sample. I'm a sample guy. I have an observation though, Fade. The prize is confusing. A few observations I've made. This competition is sample based. The winner will probably be a primarily sample based artist. They would have the "chops" to kill it. No disrespect, but the prize is...
  5. Obscene Planet

    Sam Spence - "Sad Homecoming"

    Spence is a beast. NFL films soundtracks are epic. This will be fun.
  6. Obscene Planet

    Roberta Flack - "Feel Like Makin' Love"

    Ditto! I made it and forgot to upload
  7. Obscene Planet

    Sampling advice!

    I copped mine for 350. Honestly, I was just being a smartass. You can sample with a whatever. Chop on the beat. Or every two beats. That makes it easier! Good luck homie
  8. Obscene Planet

    Sampling advice!

    Get a 2000xl
  9. Obscene Planet

    Is warming up your studio monitors a myth or true?

    My krk rokit 5s instructions recommend playing "your favorite music for 10-15 hours" to condition. I assumed it was a kind of speaker break-in period and ear conditioning/acoustic treatment technique.
  10. Obscene Planet

    Sample Flip! - Michael McDonald - "I Keep Forgettin"

    My only challenge was getting past Warren G in my head.
  11. Obscene Planet

    Scandalous : A Tribute to Prince

    Words cannot begin to describe the impact Prince Rogers Nelson had on the world, in more ways than music. My hope is that music, my take on his music, can display the portion of Prince that I've been blessed with. These tracks (the main melodies, most drums, some bass, and a lot of Purple) are...
  12. Obscene Planet

    Marie Queenie Lyons - Soul Sample Flip

    Any comments, questions, suggestions, or purchases are welcome.
  13. Obscene Planet

    Paul Horn Quintet - Here's That Rainy Day (sample flip)

    D/L @ 4:50 pm EST, Uploading track now...
  14. Obscene Planet

    Obscene Planet Takeover

    I go by the name of Obscene Planet, The Vulgar Globe, Vomit Comet, whatever. Trying to get some elevation going. Tip toes or something. I've been at this a while, but I feel like my sound quality is seriously lacking. I work with a 8 year old emachines desktop running windows xp, fl studio 8...
  15. Obscene Planet

    The Goodees - Didn't I Know Your Love Would Be So Good (Sample Flip)

    Agreed. Looking for some feedback. "You Suck" is welcome, but not constructive. Also, if the drum beats seem to repeat, its because I tailor them to fit the lyrics after recording. Look forward to flipping more samples and elevating.