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    Is there an easy way to record midi into FL Studio?

    On that popup you make your selection to be default. If you want to record only MIDI result everytime, then select "Notes and automation".
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    Drum Machine AKAI MPD232

    Yo. There is a simple step sequencer (32 channel) out of the box. Important: there is no pattern sequencer. You will have to use your own DAW for pattern sequencing. There are following workflows I tried sofar with Fruity Loops and MPD232 for step sequencing: 1) Record the finger drumming...
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    Drum Machine AKAI MPD232

    Just got it over the new year and started to play with it. Very good Midi controller from what I can say sofar. Pads are very sensitive and give that sweet feeling of humanized beat. After SP404SX it's incredible, how the velocity can change the groove feeling. It's warm now. The included...
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    Drum Machine AKAI MPD232

    Hello guys, Was planning to upgrade my drummachine. Since years been using sp404sx, but it has 2 main problems for me: no velocity, no easy integration with DAW. I am wasting a lot of time in my workflow to put samples on the sp404 and out of it. If I use it as MIDI controller, I hate a lot...
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    Good izotope Deal

    Nectar Elements were free on plugin boutique during black friday for any purchase. Bought some trash for 2$ and got it. Btw, now Izotope is giving away Izotope Imager v2.