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  1. Where_S_TheReal

    Hey yoooooooooo,

    Hello 2 Good music, you can and you must do if you have the opportunity, it's totally different but a good excercice for learning other music style, music mood... The thing is to find project and never give up !!
  2. Where_S_TheReal

    Hey yoooooooooo,

    Hey Arvin, Thanks to reply !!! Yes Montreal is french, all the Quebec is french but I tried, and I continue to learn. I'm from the north of france and I currently be there. and you, where are you ? Thank for the sharing, I'll seee now ! I love Hip hop, I grew up with hip hop but I always thought...
  3. Where_S_TheReal

    Hey yoooooooooo,

    Hello @OGBama, Thanks to be interested. I'm sound mixer in post post production and music composer rather for movies, you can see my website here, And the artist I produce actually is unknown..... for the moment I hope ! I will share here the Ep finished ! :)
  4. Where_S_TheReal

    Hey yoooooooooo,

    I'm a french music producer back in France after two years in Montreal. Sound engineer in post production first I'm actually producing and mixing my 1st canadian rapper and I enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy it. Here to share and comment I wanna learn of y'all first. Sorry I don't speak well.

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