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  1. Nocturnl

    I Iz back

    Been away ages,had comp problems Back to flip some shit
  2. Nocturnl

    Advice on selling something

    I am a registered Propellerhead user,i have an account with them that has Reason 4,5,6 & Record 1.5 registered. Now i want to sell these BUT...not sure how to go about it. I have Reason 4 code registered on the account but i do not have the product/box anymore,i have Reason 5 & Record 1.5,the...
  3. Nocturnl

    File Converting

    Just heard a track i liked,thought it would be worth a flip while i got the time,bought it on itunes and it is a MPEG 4 file,anyone know how to convert this into a MP3/WAV I downloaded a program and done it but it sounded a bassy mess
  4. Nocturnl

    PRS Registering work

    I have an artist today who has released an album with a beat of mine on,he has told me to register the work on PRS if i want to get royalties and i have no fucking clue on what im doing and he said he didnt either and that someone will do his soon If he does it do i have to? Does anyone...
  5. Nocturnl


    I got a lil situation,There is not many jobs at all anymore,i make money from my music but not enough to live off and im sick of needing money and being bored,the army are always recruiting and im wondering is it worth signing up,some people i know refuse cos they think the pay is not worth...
  6. Nocturnl

    Hi Hats problem

    I have a dope sample,got the beat all ready BUT...the hi hats on the sample are crazy loud and it sounds like the beat is skipping,it dont help cos the sample is very quiet and i had to crank up the volume of it which made the hats and bass totally dominate to the point where my drums are nearly...
  7. Nocturnl

    I need your help

    I have been trying to mix this beat all day but i got a problem,the hook sounds ok but as soon as the verse starts it sounds like the volume is up,down,up,down then a lil muffled,it might be cos i am using headphones but i got no choice as my speakers are somewhat out of action for now I havent...
  8. Nocturnl

    Lil Mama - Life Sample?

  9. Nocturnl


    By far this is the best forum i have ever been on by a clear mile and i dont think i will find 1 to rival it and its members in my lifetime,everyone is always willing to help and if they cant they find someone or something to do so... This might seem like a pointless thread to some but i made...
  10. Nocturnl

    Is this any good?

    Art of Drum Layering: Eddie Bazil: Books Someone recommended it to me but someone else told me its just the basics in soundforge,is it worth the money? Any alternatives? Found an even cheaper 1 ...
  11. Nocturnl

    Been doing this recently...Found it online!!! Try it out :)

    By pass auto-routing by holding down shift on your keyboard and create a Dr.Rex Loop player. Load a recycle loop preferably a drum loop. Copy the REX slice data to the Dr. REX 1 sequencer track. Hit tab on your keyboard to flip rack to the back. Connect the Dr. Rex right audio output to the...
  12. Nocturnl

    Chopping samples without drums

    I have always chopped samples with drums but today i found a dope sample without any drums and i tried chopping it but i cant get that same size chop im used to and its causing mini gaps between parts of the beat,any tips on how to or is it a different chopping process altogether
  13. Nocturnl

    Is my luck changing?

    Went round bookies to check an horse,put 20p in deal or no deal ladbrokes machine,spun it and it took me to deal or no deal game,picked the number 7 box and played to the end and eventually i got meself £10 from the number 7,better than anything the banker offered,£10 off 20p in 3 mins,easiest...
  14. Nocturnl


    Birthday to me...23 today,getting old
  15. Nocturnl

    I have the new Reason beta &

    It is exactly the same as Record 1.5,the ONLY difference is it does not have the blocks feature,nothing has changed whatsoever,it is called Reason Limited Beta and i already have my code for Reason 6 and cant wait to download it but this Reason series is truly shocking,compared to Reason...
  16. Nocturnl

    I'm sorry

    For everything i said in the MSP thread...forgive me!!! I snap quick
  17. Nocturnl

    Being scammed and there is nothing i can do about it

    Sold an item yesterday online,buyer didn't pay,i told buyer to pay and buyer said i did now send me,i knew it was a scam so i didn't send,received instant bad feedback and my account was suspended,got it unsuspended by the company by phone,wake up this morning and i have a dispute against me...
  18. Nocturnl

    Reason 6 Beta Tester

  19. Nocturnl

    I need a name

    Rav3beats is going...need a new name!!! Any ideas? New Track :
  20. Nocturnl

    Did anyone notice that i...

    had an interview lol I see comments on others but mine seems to be invisible and commentless

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