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    Finished Beat It Up! - Battle #40

    Beat 3 but Beat 2 was really dope to.
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    Akai Fire controller for FL

    I'm gonna buy it. Think i'm not gonna use it as a Step Sequencer though since i sequence all my drums in the Piano Roll with FPC.
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    Will the akai series survive?

    im going with the MPC Ren. That Maschine looks like a toy and most of the features are the same probably. And i need a Audio Interface anyway.
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    Pete Rock interview

    greatest producer of all time
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    Greatest of All Time??

    Common is my favorite MC.
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    What was your first software DAW?

    Techno eJay
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    We all make music, but...

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    Who are your favorite producers?

    1 Pete Rock 2 J Dilla 3 Dr. Dre 4 Nicolay 5 Kev Brown My favorite beatmaker is Pete Rock. Prem is prob #1 DJ/Producer cause of his scratches over his beats. But composition-wise Pete Rock is the greatest. He's the best at sampling to IMO. Petestrumentals is my #1 inspiration for making beats...
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    What's the most you've ever spent on a piece of gear?

    1600 euro on a Roland MV-8000. Than sold the 8000 and had to only add 400 euro extra to get the new 8800.
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    How do you feel about sampling MP3?

    I'm happy there's mp3. Sometimes i hear a sample on a Hip-Hop song and i feel like i could flip a sample way better. That's when i can use And use Soulseek to download the albums of the artist to sample

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