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    Beat This! - May 10-11, 2017

    Damn, no comments.... Everybody must of been too excited to post, this what the newbies been waiting for lol
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    Beat This! - April 12-13, 2017

    @dacalion its good to hear from you.. you were one the more positive dudes on this site. Hope all is well with you.
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    R.I.P. Charlie Murphy

    damn... He lost a lot of weight a while ago so I new something was wrong with him I just didnt know what it was. I feel bad for his kids, they lost their mother as well a few years ago to cancer. Where do they do now? sad..
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    Dedicated Laptop for Music Production

    @Koey Since FL Studio is your primary DAW you should stick with PC. image line is still working on the MAC version for flstudio. Find a PC that the manufacture is trying to advertise to gamers as a gaming PC. Those specs should work fine. If possible look for 16 GB of RAM.
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    Production 8 Things I Would Change in Hip Hop Production (If I Had a Time Machine)

    Interesting article... I agree with Crog, Mannie Fresh is a legend... The sound of hip hop changed for me when I first heard Master P "make em say uhh".. I thought the radio station was having signal interference. It sounded a mess but I eventually started to like it. If I could go back and...
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    Im interested, but still not sure... call me old school but im not into the touch screen yet... maybe I will some day..
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    WaveFormz Hip Hop Radio

    Fade, you don't play around with he mixes... nice..
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    Battle That! - December 7-10, 2016 - Comments & Questions

    Don't cry on us... lol... but for real great job...
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    Native Instruments Maschine Jam!

    i'm pretty drunk right now, but wtf!?! another controller? and this is basically the ableton push,
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    Beat This! - August 30-31, 2016

    Giving a quick acknowledgment to @crog85, @huggyHG, @NONONSENSEBEATS, @oninkaf , and @S3oulC1ty for participating in almost every comp. I know nothing last forever, but I like seeing the consistent participation.
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    Beat This! - August 3-4, 2016

    Congrats, to those who took the time to enter and vote...
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    Beat This! - July 20-21, 2016

    An idea I have been thinking about. Have the contestents vote for their top 5. Of course u can't vote for yourself. Everyone send u a PM, that way u dont know the count.
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    These days when all you need is a PC and all the cheap software you can get, its going be very difficult for any piece of standalone hardware to take off.
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    Interviews S3oulC1ty Talks About His Boom Bap Influence and Winning the Warzone

    Dope interview.... NBA street vol. 2 I still play today LOL... Thanks for putting in work in the Service.
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    Beat This! - April 27-28, 2016

    You're 100% right.. I think one point they're making, is that it can sometimes be hard to choose in a no themed battle. When there is really no criteria/requirements and you have multiple tracks that are dope w/ a good mix, picking the better beat can come down to personal preference. But...
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    Beat This! - April 27-28, 2016

    Glad I'm not a judge.... There's a lot to choose from...
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    The new Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16

    Me to, but two videos and know one hit a pad or pressed play... my question now is 'does it work' lol
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    Acoustic Treatment

    Oh yeah, I already have some MoPad's... From what I've read they say its important to get your corners treated since thats where the lowend goes. Good look on the software if you find it. Thanks for the feedback
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    Acoustic Treatment

    Yes the walls are parallel, 132 sq feet... For now all I have is $360 to work with. That's why I was leaning towards getting some Primacoustic bass traps first, and by the end of the year if things are going well, possibly get the London 10 to go along with the traps. Do you know if...
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    Acoustic Treatment

    For years my equipment has been sharing a room with my kids toys and tv (studio/kids play room). We have moved and I finally have my own space. its a decent size room 10' by 11', no windows and tile floor. I know I need some sort of treatment but do not want to break the bank or do some crappy...