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    Acoustic Treatment

    For years my equipment has been sharing a room with my kids toys and tv (studio/kids play room). We have moved and I finally have my own space. its a decent size room 10' by 11', no windows and tile floor. I know I need some sort of treatment but do not want to break the bank or do some crappy...
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    Akai AMX

    Whats up Ill fan, I haunt't been on here in a minute… Thought I try something new and get into DJ'ing so I figure I buy an AMX to introduce myself. One thing I can say "I suck big time" but its fun. I wish in 2004 I would have bought dj equipment instead of getting into beats. I don't have...
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    De La Soul "Dilla Plugged In"

    I know you don't use the word "beautiful" when it comes to guys and hip hop, but this is beautiful….
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    Tribe Called Quest Bio.

    Airs this saturday on VH1, cant wait to check it out.
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    Is it overkill?

    From reading Fade's article of being a minimalist and the ability to do everything in one program these days. My process for most of my beats, 1) create in maschine, 2) arrange and filter in Ableton, 3) mix/master in Logic. Is it overkill to use more then one DAW? Each one done something a...
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    How many beats....

    We've all read articles/interviews over the years on our favorite producers. And at some point all of them 9th wonder, kanye west would say back in the day they used to make anywhere from 20-35 beats a day or week(I would always think to myself "yeah right"). And this was before they had major...
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    MPC Ren OR Studio

    Anyone using either one now? Been forcing myself to use maschine the past two yrs and I like it but dont love it how I did my MPC1000. Debating on if I should get the Studio or is it over kill and a waste on money since I already have machine. Heard the MPC software is kinda buggy right now.
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    Araab using MPC Renaissance

    Dosnt show much, but atleast shows araab using the Renaissance in real time.
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    Arizona Shooting

    Wanted to know what everyones opinion is on the matter. It made me sick when I first heard this guy killed so many people including a little girl. I know the news has been talking about it everyday but the coverage has been so laid back and calm. I cant help but to think if the shooters name...
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    Mannie Fresh & Mystikal

    This is the south you don't get tired of. And Mannie's whip is sic LOL
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    Opinion on a new interface

    Whats up Ill fam I have been using the m-audio 2496 soundcard since I started making beats in 04'. I feel its time for an upgrade and narrowed it down to two prospects. The PreSonus FireStudio Mobile and M-Audio Fast Track Ultra...
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    Maschine Export Audio

    Been working with maschine a week now still in learning mode. The issue Im having is that when I export the audio from maschine, and bring the tracks into cubase the tracks are slowed down like im making a chopped and screwed beat. I went back to FLstudio made a quick loop and exported the...
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    Hobbies besides Music

    I havnt touched my equipment in about a week. Since I started playing golf a couple years ago, im f#@king addicted. What other hobbies do you guys have (besides surfing the internet for porn) :) that takes away from your music sometimes.
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    New Ne-Yo

    Just got the album Tuesday an im very impressed. Im not a big fan of todays R&B but im really feelin his album. An I didnt realize that he has written multiple songs for almost ever R&B artist out..B2k, mario, faith, marcus huston an the list goes on. Anyone else heard this album yet?
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    Buck-Shot & 9th Wonder

    I went on my lunch break to cop this album and at work listening to it right now. Im over half way thru and im feelin all the tracks so far. It was supposed to be out in May but it was worth the wait.
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    Beat Makeing Video with FLStudio

    Check this guy out who made a beat with FLStudio. The Hi Hats sound like an ol' School type writer, but the beat is pretty cool.
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    Anyone cop that John Legend

    Who else got that John Legend CD last week. I stay in Dayton, Ohio close to the area where hes from and almost everywhere was soldout. I ended up getting it at Wal Mart and I never bought a cd from Wal Mart. Personally I think the album is tight, the guy has real talent.
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    Drum Video: The illest Beat maker around

    I never seen anyone do drums like this.... Watch the whole 1:54 ""
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    Whats up with scratch mag..

    Anyone here subscribe to Scratch Magazine? I figured it would be a good deal, 8 issues for $12. I subscribed to Scratch right before the issue with Kanye on the cover came out, and the site says wait 6-8 before first issue arrives. So I got that issue a while ago, but my thing is this, the...
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    Collecting payment for a beat

    I got some people interested in a track that I made. So im sure how to go about collecting a payment if you never meet them and the customer is hours away from you. Does pay pal take a percentage out from a sale? Or would it be best to have them mail a check? "The Oz"