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  1. TrapBradshaw

    What kind of YouTube videos do you watch?

    I watch a lot of piano lesson videos to learn different chords and videos on how to mix beats.....
  2. TrapBradshaw

    Showcase - January 6-12, 2020

    guitar riff is cool 808 kind of over powering some parts of the and the video is dope good job
  3. TrapBradshaw

    Showcase - January 6-12, 2020

    great BOUNCE good job
  4. TrapBradshaw

    Trap Bradshaw WHAT'S UP

    Whats up community new to the site. I'm here to network meet people that has the same passion i have for music production like producers rappers engineers and other people with knowledge of music production. So i will be here for good now going through all the forums seeing what the site has for...