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  1. samuelock

    Sam makes another beat! "Joyous Jellyfish"

    Hey guys, I made a new beat video. You can spit on it too, as long as you follow the rules!
  2. samuelock

    Sam Ock making "Don't Care" Beat

    Hey guys, just thought I'd post up a vid on what my beat making process is like. I thought I'd challenge myself and use just FL stock sounds. This is what I got! hahah.
  3. samuelock

    R.I.P. Seba Jun, aka Nujabes his death was announced yesterday, even though he died a few weeks ago. my heart is broken for the loss of someone who made truly beautiful music. i could hear his soul sing when his beats played. truly a great loss. r.i.p., seba jun.
  4. samuelock

    Quick FL Vid with Sam Ock

    Thought I'd show you guys what my usual FL sessions look like. =)
  5. samuelock

    ?uestlove is the MAN!!

    is this not completely ill? ?uestlove is a BEAST!! his pocket (groove) is crazy..
  6. samuelock

    Sam Makes Another Beat "Touch"

    sounds like bone thugs. heheh.
  7. samuelock

    TOKiMONSTA...the producer's dream girl this girl is the hottest ever. there is no way. she wins. i mean, i've seen girls who make beats...but i ain't seen many girls who make HIP HOP. my goodness. from what i've seen, she's probably a software head. she uses a korg padkontrol + laptop +...
  8. samuelock

    Asian Rappers some of the illest asian rappers i've seen. i produce for lyricks and manifest. heheheh. but yeah, just thought someone'd be interested. the last guy rapping in korean was kinda really wack though...but whatever.
  9. samuelock

    Stupid Question..

    This has probably been answered before, if so, please close, but in Pro Tools, is there a way to overlap regions in a track without having one cut the other off?
  10. samuelock

    Sam Makes Another Beat "High Rise"

    It's a club beat this time. Yay! You guys get to see more of my messy workstation/train of thought!! Enjoy. ----------------------- Let's see... FL Studio for tracking/mixing/drums Reason Rewired for Piano/Strings/Rhodes
  11. samuelock

    Sam Ock makes a beat "Stories"

    Hello all! I made this beat on FL Studio. Sounds are from Reason Rewired and VSTs. Enjoy! You might ask why I don't use the Motif sounds. Well, frankly, the Motif sounds are a bit too clean...and also a hassle to record into the computer (mainly that one..heheh). I like the VST and Reason...
  12. samuelock

    "Desperado" prod. by Sam Ock

    Here's a song produced by me. I'm on the second verse. The beatbox scratches are real. My friend Paul is sick like that. "Desperado" Enjoy! I made this song with bboys in mind. I made the vid too. Heheh!!
  13. samuelock

    Me Singing "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye"

    Fade told me to post this here since there's no "performance" section. There should be. Everyone post up videos of yourself performing. It'll add another dynamic to Illmuzik. Anyways, here's me singing "It's so Hard to Say Goodbye" by Boyz II Men. All parts were sung by me. Yay! This is...
  14. samuelock

    Sam Ock on the Motif XS - "Flowers"

    Here's a beat I made on the XS: ----------------------------------------------------- to hear the full beat in full quality.
  15. samuelock

    Made a Beat onf the XS

    Hello all. This is the first beat I made on my Motis XS. Sorry, the vid's a little out of sync. Enjoy.
  16. samuelock

    Your Production Goal

    This topic may have been discussed many times before..I'm too lazy to search. I digress: What is your main goal for our production (as to what type of sound/style you want to achieve with your beats...anything else)? This is a constant, unachievable goal, of course. My goal is to make...
  17. samuelock

    Yay, beat jacking!

    first, watch/listen to this: Now, listen to this: now, i don't know.... sampling? or just straight up beat jacking? at least i can say i made it on the front page of the instrumental...
  18. samuelock

    Some Jazz Improv

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Chart name: Chitlins con Carne Any tips, criticism, praise(haha..right) are welcome.
  19. samuelock

    another beat i made on the motif

    yeaaaa. link in case vid doesn't work for some reason.
  20. samuelock

    beat i made on the motif

    RnB club dance type-ish thing. Yea.

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