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    So what's everyone been up to?

    If you like reading you should check out The Producers Handbook. There's some practical advice in there, but it's mainly insightful information about the craft we all love. I've found it very inspiring. (Not an affiliate link or anything!) I think SoundsandGear did a review, which made me...
  2. TagYourBeats

    RAPPERS/MCS I need your opinion on when YOU beat source

    Honestly, I don't know the whole market and I've been out of the loop ever since my daughter was born 14 months ago, but...this response seems to cover literally everything I've known to be true from selling beats in my time. 9/10 of my beat sales have come from people looking for an "X" style...
  3. TagYourBeats

    Where To Find Sounds?

    I have Omnisphere 1 and it is an incredible source of sounds, both for making beats but also for soundscapes and move work. I don't think #1 would be too expensive now that #2 is out? Don't download the free drums and stuff you see around unless from a reputable place that offers high quality...
  4. TagYourBeats

    What is the best DAW?

    Everything said in this thread is right in its own way. Some DAWs seem more complicated than others, but all essentially do the same thing. It's basically a work bench that you'll use VSTs (virtual instruments) and sounds in. It's all about finding a DAW that fits your workflow. Personally...
  5. TagYourBeats

    What softwares Do you Use!

    I use FL Studio plus a bunch of VSTS (Omnisphere, Trillian mainly) Just need to check something with you: Now, I rarely record live, but I've never used Reaper to capture sound. How do you rate it as an audio recorder and can't FL Studio do a similar job itself? I only ask because I actually...
  6. TagYourBeats

    Great article about the history of Native Instruments

    Thanks for sharing, it was a great read.
  7. TagYourBeats

    So what's everyone been up to?

    I'm jealous of all of you, for real...I'm dying to make some beats! I've been performing daddy duties; taking my daughter to the park and her grandparents, doing my 9-5, promoting TYB a little to try and hang onto page 1 of Google ...not gonna lie, I played a little GTA Online yesterday...
  8. TagYourBeats

    Where yall at?

    Man, you guys are all from the coolest places. Bedfordshire, England, UK ...sounds like I live in a castle.
  9. TagYourBeats

    Poland says hello

    Welcome to the family!
  10. TagYourBeats

    The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Beats

    THIS WAS THE BEST ARTICLE I HAVE READ SO FAR IN 2016! Good job! Great article.
  11. TagYourBeats


    Welcome to the family! Looking forward to hearing some beats.
  12. TagYourBeats


    Welcome to the family! You will love it here...lots of hip hop heads working together for the love of the music.
  13. TagYourBeats

    Yo!Im Back!

    There's no such thing as a wack beat long as you're striving to improve you're a "rising beatmaker"
  14. TagYourBeats

    J Ready BHS Chkn In

    Welcome to the family! I voted DRUMS FIRST helps me lay the foundation for my beats.
  15. TagYourBeats

    Makadini or Wazzzup

    Welcome to the family! Read some of the articles, they're really dope.
  16. TagYourBeats

    stoners listen !

    I've said this to another producer here today, love jazz influenced hip hop
  17. TagYourBeats

    hi i'm Chef M!ke DB, Im a Self taught producer from Virginia

    Welcome to the family! This is my favorite hip hop site...I'm sure you'll love it here
  18. TagYourBeats

    Hello Everyone

    I used to use the Hip Hop Makers website design - it was a dope deal for such a cheap price. Anyway...welcome to the fam!
  19. TagYourBeats


    Welcome to the family! Follow me on Twitter, I'll follow back next time I'm on; @TagYourBeats
  20. TagYourBeats

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the family! It sounds like you have some really cool hardware...sounds dope!

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