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  1. johnbeans

    Johnbeans is back

    What it is everybody, I know I'm off and on, like a distance cousin to yoll, but want to come and show you Jbeans stopped By, wassup My Producing Bruthas and Sistahs
  2. johnbeans

    Fruity loops users

    I have numerous questions reguarding fruity loop usage, so any feed back or ideas will be great. My main question is, if there is anyone that does, or knows how to midi a keyboard thru fruity loops and which midi controller would be the best for the job, and how to go about midi'ing to FL...
  3. johnbeans

    Da Astronomical

    Wut's goin on peoples, well bout me, I've been hyper all my life specially since I was a kid and always beatin on sumpthin, or jammin to myself, I've had keyboards, and broke all them, and then my grandma bought me a concertmate 990 from radioshack back in da day, I found out I could record on...
  4. johnbeans

    Introducin my conclusion

    wut da deal erbody, dis dat country boi, chillin in nofe carolina, so hopefully yoll will get to know me and feel wut a nig-ga bout to do, hollllllllaaaa

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