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  1. Precog

    2pac at Coachella festival

    This is crazy, anyone else seen this? Hologram of 2pac performing with snoop and dre.
  2. Precog

    Producing making you a sicckk dancer

    Mate i swear im the best dancer everywhere i go cos i make music, no one else can follow the beat and break shit down the same way. I know all of you are sick dancers too, do you all ever find the same?? producing makes you a better dancer than everyone else????? i think fade should hold an...
  3. Precog

    Korg Kaoss Pad 3

    Thought you lads might like this, such a sick piece of equipment, plus im feelin the duck!!
  4. Precog

    World Cup

    Anyone watching it?? Over here everyday is just watching football now (its not called soccer), been ok so far, definitley gonna get better now that everyones played and realise they need to get the points rather than being scared of losing. You lot should definitley be interested, U.S.A are...
  5. Precog

    Jay Z at Glastonbury I dont know if you lot are aware of this, but glastonbury is basically the woodstock for the UK and it was the first time ever this year that a hip hop act headlined. Everyone was moaning about Jay Z being booked as he doesnt make...
  6. Precog

    Benefits of being in a crew?

    Ive noticed lately that alot of peeps seem to be involved in some kind of group, whether its with other producers or emcees. Sometimes i be making shit and i just wish i had some people with me with similar taste so we could motivate each other and bounce ides off of one another. When your...
  7. Precog

    Concept Albums

    Was listening to some old Wu shit earlier and noticed how alot of the albums have some kind of concept behind them. Personally I think its quality when an album has some kind of theme, makes it feel more cinematic. Although other times i just wanna bump a cd full of dope shit. Whats everyone...
  8. Precog

    Wave Traveller

    Ive been messing around with the wave traveller a bit lately and found out you can get some pretty realistic sounding scratches if you work at it and apply some EQ etc. Anybody else use it/got any tips?
  9. Precog

    Marc Ecko's Getting Up

    Anybody heard about that game: Marc Ecko's Getting Up Its all meant to be about graffiti and hitting up walls, but there is also third person fighting elements too. It sounds really good, Talib Kweli does the voice of the main character and the soundtrack is meant to be dope. It looks pretty...
  10. Precog

    Exclusive rights+Leases...

    Ok, im starting to look at selling beats on soundclick or something. Ive been looking at everyones sites and everyone seems to be leasing beats or selling the exclusive rights. I was just thinking though, if you sold the exclusive rights to a beat, i doubt the mc would find out if you sold...
  11. Precog

    Less sampled records/genres...

    Lately ive been looking into less sampled genres/records, eg. ive been looking at some japanese meditation records. With alot of producers sampling funk and soul records to death, I thought I would explore into some less sampled genres. Although I will never stop sampling jazz! I was just...
  12. Precog

    New Kid

    Wassup Illmuzik. Ive been lookin at these forums for a few weeks. Im amazed at how many talented and helpful people there are in one place. Ive been making beats since June/July 2005. I use fl studio, its all i have at the moment. I will post somethin in the showcase soon to give u an idea of my...

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