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  1. The Mastermind

    Is Graffiti Art Or Vandalism?

    Our communities have been totally commercialised and the only way to 'contribute' is through some form of paid advertising, such as a billboard. That people who live in a community can't help define the look of that community but some corporation stationed half a world away can, is bullshit. I...
  2. The Mastermind

    madlib sample clearence

    He's pretty cagey about his samples, I think he's a bit paranoid about his choices being publicised. A while back one of the mix tape blogs put up a mix using the original samples used on the Madvillain album. Stones Throw started making threats for the site to take it down. Not long after...
  3. The Mastermind

    Hearing pitch

    There is a freeware program called Rapid Evolution that can figure out the key in samples. Or you could pay for Mixed In Key that uses a code for the Key that can then be used to figure out what matches with what. Or you could learn it. I feel what you...
  4. The Mastermind

    Question for you digging dewds...

    That's the way to do it. Vinyl is good for that because when you see a change in the grain on the disc it means the track has changed up. with MP3s you can't do that, unless you open the song in an audio editor, which is time consuming for a quick checking.
  5. The Mastermind

    How far how deep do you dig?

    I go all the way back to the first decade of the 1900s with my music. It's amazing how funky some of those guys were when they strummed their little ukeleles (sp?).
  6. The Mastermind

    Who knows about the stock market?

    I think that investing in the market right now is a very bad idea.
  7. The Mastermind

    Bush seeks $700 billion for bailout

    Damned if you do and damned if you don't. I guess it depends which you prefer, a bankrupt financial sector or a bankrupt government... Hell, you might end up with both.
  8. The Mastermind

    what projects is everyone working on right now?

    That style is definitely catching on over here. Even the kids are picking up on it and listening to Aus crews like Hilltop Hoods. If that Freud dude is from the UK he must have been in Australia for a while because his accent is pretty Australian.
  9. The Mastermind

    Wanna see something "Spooky"?

    Now you guys got spooky CIA spyware in your computers. They know everything!
  10. The Mastermind

    Dre's Son found Dead...

    Very, very sad.
  11. The Mastermind

    Political thread be smart or dont comment, Russia Georgia NWO.

    Sure, Roberts is in all kinds of denial about the Reagan days, but he was an insider and it's interesting and unusual to hear an insider talk this way. Nothing to do with politics? Maybe I misunderstand what you mean but the guy was Assistant Secretary to the Treasury. This whole secene is...
  12. The Mastermind

    Eminem produced by DJ Premier?????

    Can't say I've ever really listened to much Eminem. But I've got respect for some of what I've heard. He's def creative with his lyrics but there's too much shock value. Primo is a legend and maybe a team up like that might influence Eminem to take a different approach.
  13. The Mastermind

    They Found Bigfoot

    I saw this on some news yesterday. Some big foot obssessed types said it looked suspiciously like a costume that you can buy on Ebay.
  14. The Mastermind


    Wow! That looks damn cool.
  15. The Mastermind

    Call me Old I dont care, but WTF is backpack music?

    I didn't know what backpacking music was before I read this thread and now I have even less idea. Still I think if I ever suss out what backpacking music is I'll probably like it because some pretty good artists might be backpackers.
  16. The Mastermind

    Political thread be smart or dont comment, Russia Georgia NWO.

    Interesting article by Paul Craig Roberts on the conflict, 'Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?' He claims that US troops have been fighting with the Georgians and that there have even been US casualties. Strangely Roberts was a part of Reagan's administration but you'd never know it...
  17. The Mastermind

    Who do you Producer for- as an overall goal?

    I'm interested in what others have to say on my sounds, but I suppose I'm looking for technical help rather than critiques borne of personal taste. I've got an idea for what I'm trying to achieve and it is what it is. Still if folks is feeling it it helps to know. What's the point of posting in...
  18. The Mastermind

    whats your life like??

    Australia's the place then, some of the best weather and beaches in the world. Climates range from tropical to pretty cold, depending on where you settle. Sincock laid out the scenario here pretty well. Some of the best quality health care in the world. If you're sick or injured you will...
  19. The Mastermind

    RIP Isaac Hayes

    It's a bummer all right... a bad way to start the week.

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