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    *** Beat This! February 8, 2013 Voting ***

    1: Kohie 2: RenegadeSociety 3: RAW-D 4: KDVS 5: Skidflow
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    Showcase - December 27-29, 2012

    RAW-D Love the boom bap style, reminds me of the underground music I grew up with. The Production and Mixing sounds Good, Drums hitting hard..
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    Showcase - December 27-29, 2012

    Beat is called BlackICE
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    *** Beat This! March 4, 2012 Voting ***

    I would like to say congratz to JustRipe, and FADE thanks for the feed back, that really meant a lot....
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    Is machine worth it?

    I just got my NI maschine, yesterday. I never had a MPC. Can not wait to get home after work today to play with it. The Sounds that are stocked with it are really good quality.