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  1. skidflow

    Grace & Peace...New Lp

    Just swinging thru to let you good people know that I’ve released a new easy listening Lp titled: Great Vineyard Road by Skidmatik Please check it out
  2. skidflow

    Trav Williams Lp "P.O.E (Preponderance of Evidence)"

    Is here for the FREE!!!!! ENJOY!!!!
  3. skidflow

    Reasonable Doubt original songs

    Does anyone have the original music (mp3s) to Jay-Z debut Lp "reasonable doubt" ? I'm interested in flipping some of those joints. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. skidflow

    Interviews Seven Da Pantha

    Seven is dope.
  5. skidflow


    My name is Skid...and I will smack yo ass!
  6. skidflow

    Alive and Kickin

    A beat I was gonna enter in this months "Beat This"...then I chickened out. So enjoy it for what is worth
  7. skidflow

    The 4 the single from the up & coming Lp...

    ...titled "UH OH". "The Lyricist Papers: Confessions of an Emcee". Brought to you by TRAXD' OUT!!!
  8. skidflow

    Mickey Mouse -vs-Jonas Brothers...Southpark...lmao!

    It's best to roast an L while watching this. Lol
  9. skidflow

    Sarah Palin is down with the brown! ha! ha!

    Glen Rice tapped that ass back in the day...I wonder if the "Tea Party gonna diss that ass now?
  10. skidflow

    It's like the " Best Of" Skidmatik right downloads!

    I have some of my work that I have done over the years. Most of it is songs that I produced featuring other cats....some joints feature me on the mic with SOLID UNION...enjoy! It's over 25 tracks so dig in.
  11. skidflow

    @ the Durham VA Hospital right now...

    ...the about to do a sleep study to check for sleep apnea. Ima sleep good because I been making beats and blazing since noon....ILLMUZIK Y'ALL!!!! stay ^^^^!!! Skid signin off.
  12. skidflow

    Had a moment to my self so I....

    ...made another kick around.
  13. skidflow

    NNXT won't recognize my E drive....

    ....where I keep all my samples at! Why did this happen? I try to import a sample it says file not found....and I can clearly see the files still exist. please.
  14. skidflow

    Me again...just F'n round.

    Not extravagant but worth a check I guess.
  15. skidflow

    Just having some fun

  16. skidflow

    tempo tricks

    .Just say my tempo is 84 .I will multiply 84 x 4 (the 4 represents the 4 know 1, 2, 3, 4...) .this gives me my tempo will be 84.336 for the beat .I take 84.336 and divide it by 4 and come up with 21.084 .21.084 divided by 4 is 5.271 .from this point on I set all my levels by...
  17. skidflow

    Is LeBron’s Mama Sleeping With His Teammate?

    Damn! They say this is the reason he "quit" playing in the series against Boston....IDK
  18. skidflow

    "Animal Farm" ILLMOVIE!!!!!

    By George Orwell...its an old one...but boy is it good. My bad yall...when you click on tells you to watch it at dat
  19. skidflow

    Hip Hop has touched people of all races and ethinicities....

    ....what race are you? I know the staff is mostly white if not all. Nothing important...just checking the demographics thats all....IM BLACK, how bout you?