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  1. SimplisticVII

    Showcase - August 24-30, 2015

    from the older thread
  2. SimplisticVII

    Showcase - August 17-23, 2015

    I can only imagine someone raps on this beat so dope bro good job. did you record the vocals too ? you have a very strong sense in music, this is a good thing but I have a simple note try always to use a higher quality "claps or snares" in your next msuic you can find a very high quality...
  3. SimplisticVII

    This place is active right?

    Well, happy to be here.
  4. SimplisticVII

    This place is active right?

    I really hope it is. I'm a new member here and already uploaded a music I composed and produced for a friend of mine Later!

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