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  1. Iron Keys

    Subconscious plagiarism

    How often you make a beat or a melody that sounds real good and you go... "I feel like I've heard this before" ?? Annoying and offputting af
  2. Iron Keys

    Good source for percussion samples???

    Anyone know a really good source, or brand whatever for percussion samples??? Single shots. Like all the weird interesting sounds that aren't kicks/snares. Things like claves, sticks, metal things, wooden things whatever. definitely stuff that would sit well in "modern" sounding records...
  3. Iron Keys

    How many beats you making???

    How many beats are you making per day / week??? Swear some of you are posting like 20 full tracks each in the showcase then have beats also for the comps. Movin like you're making a full track every hour?
  4. Iron Keys

    What bass for sustained trap bass??

    What sort of source sound or synth best for getting that sustained trap bass like this track? There are better and more examples of what I mean, but when you need something it's hard to find huh? Also, how do you approach mixing these?? How do you keep their weight and presence without it...
  5. Iron Keys

    Keeping short loops interesting??

    How do you keep short loops/hooks interesting or without them driving you insane? I'm talking about real short catchy 2bar loops (in trap it'd essentially be like 1bar kinda, 'cause of the halftime). Loops/hooks that sound like they're the key/main part of the instrumental, so need to be...
  6. Iron Keys

    How to make slow trap vocals?¿

    Sounds like a pretty spasticated question, but yeah... Everytime I've pitched down vocal clips I have, the quality seems to be raped. I'm aiming to have a really clear/decent quality low-pitched vocal clip. Just to kinda loop about over a beat. What advice you guys got on that?! Do you...
  7. Iron Keys

    Methods of mixing a boomy 808 kick?¿

    Just wondering what different (and best) ways people are using for 808 Kicks with long tails??? Is it useful to just create a sine with a slow tail and trigger it when your kicks hit?? How would one best layer a kick with a 808 that has a slow release? Is adding saturation to the 808 useful...
  8. Iron Keys

    Best thing I've heard 2013 so far...!

    Blam, check this motherfucker out...!
  9. Iron Keys

    How to make 80's orchestral stabs??

    As the topic states, how to design these kinds of stabs in a synth??? Love 'em! P.S ILL NEW YEAR to you all!!!
  10. Iron Keys

    What do you all think of this kinda shizz???

    I think this sounds mega Some sick flow could be devastating on a track like this.
  11. Iron Keys

    Which sounds are these?

    There's a a couple of sounds in this track I'm sure are presets somewhere or are typical sounds as I've heard them in tracks by other producers etc... The first is a zappy /stabby sound which only hits briefly, it hits on the off beats, usualy just before or after a snare. The second is a...
  12. Iron Keys

    Massive Presets...?

    Finally got my hands on Massive, hoorah! Having a fiddle with it, getting used to using it, but I seem to have no presets whatsoever... is there anywhere you can acquire the original presets/file for it??? Thanks
  13. Iron Keys

    Sound design question; funky electronic bass...

    Eaaasy, IllBrethren. Been a while! The main bass sound in this, any insight in how I'd make some tasty ass thing like that? Love ~IronKeys
  14. Iron Keys


    This happen with any of you? (or any other variations) ... When I draw on inspiration, or when it hits randomly, I can usually 'see' the musical parts in my head in the form of a piano-roll and step-sequencer, and so on. Anyone else see the matrix?
  15. Iron Keys

    Anyone can recreate this lead?

    Just wondering if anyone knows how to get the lead sound in this... or this... Much appreciated.
  16. Iron Keys

    Ancient Talking...

    I know the whole 'modern talking' presets and sounds have been pretty much raped beyond their life, I'm just wondering if you know of any other ways to get this kind of sound (a somewhat vocal-sounding bass/lead) from any synths other than NI Massive? Looking to create anything from...
  17. Iron Keys

    Weak sound/better synths???

    Been using a lot of synth sounds lately, but I can't help but notice sometimes my shit sounds 'thin'. Is this just a case of mixing, or should I get better synths? If so, what synths are real good? I'm using Albino 3 a bit, but I feel my tracks sound a bit 'thin' sometimes.
  18. Iron Keys

    Virus Scans and false positives...?

    What it isss. I recently did a scan on a downloaded setup.exe file, and my software reported it as a trojan.packed.38378 ... I hear that some packed files get reported as viruses, should I be concerned by this and remove it orrr?
  19. Iron Keys

    Whack this on your bitch-ass drums!!! Literally just downloaded this, whacked it on my drum bus, tried a couple pre-sets. Well hello! I hadn't processed my drums yet, but they sounded pretty tasty already and the levels were balanced, but I whacked this on my drum bus and shit...
  20. Iron Keys

    Saturation, b!tch

    Seeing as my beloved TapeSim keeps crashing (not to mention some weird sudden stability issues with TruePiano), I sought out some tape/saturation plugins to do a similar job... I got recommended both, Ferric TDS and Voxengo Tube Amp ... going to give them both a try and see what I get...

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