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  1. Trunkz

    Showcase - April 6-12, 2020

    yo listen up these mixes, sample based beats (i was diggin into some old european vinyls site, and picked random portuguese and greek old but gold sounds), and tell me what u think about them, ill be vibin to all ur beats soonish :fire:
  2. Trunkz

    Showcase - March 16-22, 2020

    heyyyy, been mixing this since quarantine started here in my country
  3. Trunkz

    Showcase - July 22-28, 2019

    thanks for ur advices will keep them in mind! liked it, butat every drop i was expecting a bass or an 808 to kill everything haha, great beat tho, the melody certainly catches me up, i would add some mixin variations like a filter or something to make it more dynamic. keepitup enjoyed these...
  4. Trunkz

    Showcase - July 22-28, 2019

    sweet juice, i liked that crispy vibe over the vinyl, and your chops are good too, eastcoast feel :biggrin::up2:
  5. Trunkz

    Showcase - July 22-28, 2019

    it's nice but i think u could mix it better, your 808 is fine but the background chords are too loud imo in the first phrase. love the synth on 1:17 really refreshes the beat. i would appreciate if u guys let me know ur thoughts on these beats i came up with, every point of view is...
  6. Trunkz

    Showcase - July 1-14, 2019

    i would aprecciate your feedback on this!
  7. Trunkz

    Showcase - July 1-14, 2019

    really good mixing, great sound, smooth beat m8 nice beat, it gave me chilling vibess, imo the kick could hit louder but still good lo fi beat :up2: liked it! but i think your bass/808 is somehow lower than it should maybe just because of the high frequencies in your main melody, keep it upp
  8. Trunkz

    Showcase - June 24-30, 2019

    not sure about those hihatsss :confusedphones:
  9. Trunkz

    Showcase - June 10-16, 2019

    @dolosaviour nice remixes! fresh, clean and so smooth :shock: @Johni Cleveland Great performance, got that jazzy vibe, nice transitions! @negrotrill naa, tremendo boombap te sacaste ta buenisimo hermano :up2: some boombap sampling i've done this week! o_O
  10. Trunkz

    Al Green & Ann Nesby - Put It On Paper

    Let's get ready to rumble!
  11. Trunkz

    Rubba - "Gypsy Manou"

    @Cayenne i liked the bassline and that airy break that vocals made, dopedopedope :biggrin: @Klypse loved that part of the sample, actually used it on my beat intro haha, nice beat, simple and smooth @Type Beats dope triplets, dope trumpet, so refreshing sound, and that basss!!... @oneandd0n3...
  12. Trunkz

    Yo, I'm TrillBeatz AKA NegroTrill

    Aguante Sudamerica loco! alto represent bienvenue!
  13. Trunkz

    Rubba - "Gypsy Manou"

    what a sample! here's mine o_O
  14. Trunkz


    Thanks m8 :biggrin: used to play guitar, and nowdays i've been trying to go deeper into playing piano. currently on a kinda intermediate lvl. sadly i haven't upload any yet :rolleyes: but i'm going to upload a couple i'm finishing in this week showcase for your feedback!=)
  15. Trunkz


    almost new on beatmaking but been reading a lot about it and sitting for hours in front of my laptop mixing and getting some loops done! learning a lot from this forum! greetings from chill-e! :wtf:

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