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  1. Gene Flo

    Dont Call It A Comeback!!!

    Yo Yo Yo! Mic Check 1-2! ... Gene Flo here checkin in once again! I am a long time ILLMUZIK member and I have been away from the site for a while. I have been back to peek in here and there mainly in the BEAT THIS! and other production discussions. I have managed to find time between the...
  2. Gene Flo

    STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Gene Flo - "Current Events"

    Blessings and Happy New Year Illmuzik! Gene Flo here kickin off the new year with some new tunes! It's a perfect time to relax and reflect on the past year and look forward to the blessings of the upcoming months. "Current Events" is the perfect soundtrack for your listening pleasure! This is...
  3. Gene Flo

    Looking for a dj!

    Illmuzik whats good??? imma keep it short... Im looking for a DJ for some cuts on the linked track...(Intro,Hooks,Outro,etc.) Listen to the track and if you got skills on the boards holla at ya boy! PEACE
  4. Gene Flo

    Windows 7 Sound Issues

    Hello illmuzik it has been awhile... I just recently got a new computer and I am running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. My only problem with the machine is that I keep getting this clipping/choppy audio feedback when I play through my Lexicon Lambda audio interface... .... I...
  5. Gene Flo

    Kunaki Question

  6. Gene Flo

    Tragic Earthquake Strikes Chile One of the biggest earthquakes on record strikes the coast of South America... This is close to my heart because my dad is down there and...
  7. Gene Flo

    R&B/Hip Hop Singers

    I was wondering if anyone knows any up & coming R&B vocalist preferably female??? I have some tracks that I would like to send out to the right artist.... any help would be great...
  8. Gene Flo

    Jimmy Iovine Gives Advice
  9. Gene Flo

    Relapse Refill

    So is it just me or did EM kill some tracks on this Pt. 2 ???? Em dropped the pill addicted flows and got real street again... Elevator
  10. Gene Flo

    For My MF DOOM Heads

    I just got an email tellin me 'NEW DOOM RELEASE" and I was like ????? who woulda thought "More than 15 years into his career, DOOM remains one of the most respected and creative emcees in the game. As numerous and varied as his albums are, he also has a thick catalog of guest appearances...
  11. Gene Flo

    Best Specs

    Ok Ok I need to upgrade my setup and I am just curious what are the best specs for a PC that would be appropriate for recording/production etc. basically for any audio application? My budget is pretty open and im willing to buy the pieces I need for the uprade...thanks in advance
  12. Gene Flo

    Can't stop won't stop!!!!!!!!

    So ive been here and there with random post within the last few months but thats all over...I am finally grounded again and BACK IN THE BAY! SpanishHarlem, Gene Flo, whatever you wanna shout at me doesnt matter I'm back at it 100%... HOLLA!
  13. Gene Flo

    Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song Produced by Staik Selektah cuts by DJ Premier if u can get past the 1 minute or so of primos cuts then enjoy the song...its a classic... 'Nothin guranteed but Death and Taxes" haha so true! PEACE & ENJOY!
  14. Gene Flo

    Evidence - Recognize

    Produced by Preemo of course Classic YouTube - EVIDENCE - Recognize (feat Chace Infinite & Fashawn)
  15. Gene Flo

    Chargers baby

    No one gave the chargers the time of day... everyone thought the Colts would just run the chargers under the table... FUCK HATERS! ALL THE WAY TO THE SUPERBOWL! PEACE!
  16. Gene Flo

    Cubase Recording Help

    Alright so I got my Lexicon interface connected with my audio technica at 2020 mic to my PC.... I am running Cubase and I can't get Cubase to pick up any of my recording.... I need help CUBASE HEADS!
  17. Gene Flo

    Are These Monitors Chill??? I wanna get some small but efficient monitors for the room.... just thought I would get...
  18. Gene Flo

    Hey Folks!

    Just a little re-introduction for all you newbies... Spanish in the house... PEACE! HI HATERS!
  19. Gene Flo

    RAMP - "Come into Knowledge"

    Does anyone have this record???? if so, hOLLLER!
  20. Gene Flo

    Ill Muzik Comes Together

    So yesterday Tactik let me know he was DJing for a group at some Car Races and I thought to myself I need to get in face to face encounters with the ILLFAM... SO I got there, drank some brew, smoked a little herbal remedy, and went to the stage where Tactik was setting up the 1's and 2's...

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