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  1. DJ Xsinna

    Pro Tools 8 "Could Not Allocate Space For Recording"

    Anyone ever get this message? It just suddenly happened. My external hard drive that I have always been recording to is 2 TB and I'm not even close to filling it so I am baffled by this sudden bomb that's been dropped on me. Any suggestions would be most helpful. Thanks!!
  2. DJ Xsinna

    New beats!!!

    What's good IllFam? I'm not new here but I've been gone a while and posted a few months ago. So, I have officially switched over to software production (ya' boy was an MPC head fo' sho!!) and during my absence, I've have made a few beats that are posted on my "Artist Page." Feel free to check...
  3. DJ Xsinna

    Accessing MPC SND files and Kits off ZIP disks

    What's up IllFam? I don't know if this has been addressed or not but, I have an issue that I hope someone here has a solution to. I am an MPC user that as of Nov. 2011 has converted to MASCHINE. Now, here's my issue. I have LOTS of ZIP disks that I saved all my sequences and kits to. I now...
  4. DJ Xsinna

    I'm back!!!!

    What's up Ill Fam? I've been gone for quite a while but I'm back and I'm back with MASCHINE!!!! I'm learning this beast now but I'll be asking some of you pros some questions on some stuff from time to time and when the time is right, I'll post beats and participate in the battles again. Thanks...
  5. DJ Xsinna

    ProTools 8 users...

    MIDI question, and this isn't for me. I have a buddy that uses PT8 and apprently when you create a MIDI track it can also find and access which keyboard you are using and even access the on-board sounds that particular keyboard has (depending on the keyboard). Well, my friend has a Roland...
  6. DJ Xsinna

    MIDI note cut off when sequencing into the MPC 2000XL

    Have any one of your MPC heads experienced sustained or held notes being cut off when sequencing into the MPC? If so, how did you fix it? If this issue was already posted, PLEASE forgive me, I've been gone for a minute and I didn't really do an in depth search into the forums. Any help is...
  7. DJ Xsinna

    It's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What's up Ill-Fam? Ya' boy just turned another year older today!! What a blessing. :-)
  8. DJ Xsinna

    Keeping a singer on key

    What's up Illfam? Have you ever run into this? I'm working with an artist (singer) who sings right on key with the music when it's a live setting but when it comes to studio recording with the headphones on, she fluctuates and doesn't stay on key. If I play a track for her through speakers...
  9. DJ Xsinna

    Any one here with diabetes?

    What's up fam? It's been a minute since I've been active on here and musically. The reason was because back in December, my vision went blurry and I was having some health complications. After a visit with the doctor, it turns out that I have type II diabetes. With my vision slightly...
  10. DJ Xsinna

    Today, I beat the statisics!!!!

    It's my birthday fam!!!! I am one of few young black males in Kansas City, MO who made it see a significant number today. I'm celebrating.
  11. DJ Xsinna

    Every life has it's soundtrack

    You know, everyone has a story. And you never really get to know a person unless you know their story. There are sooooo many songs and albums (hip hop, pop or whatever) that describes someone's life. A song that you relate to because of what you've gone through or whatever. For me, the...
  12. DJ Xsinna

    What is YOUR favorite Donut?

    What's good fam? Check it, I've been really studing J Dilla's work. Particularly "Donuts". The man was phenomenal! Those of you who love and appreciate his work I assume has listened to "Donuts". I would like to know from you all what is your favorite donut and why. My Top favs are "Stop"...
  13. DJ Xsinna this is the freakiest thing I've ever seen!!!!

    Oh wowwwwww, you have got to see this and check out pt. 2 also. You'll have your questions answered then. This is freakier than "SIGNS"!
  14. DJ Xsinna

    1st Time Mastering in ProTools 6.4

    Help fam!!!! I've got 9 tracks that I've already mixed and set-up to master in ProTools. i've setup the two tracks and placed the song files in the sequential order with fade ins and outs. Now, how to i get ProTools to create a bounce without turning the session into one big audio file? in...
  15. DJ Xsinna

    Love can make U do some STUPID junk!!!

    Yo check this out....This dude should win the Jackass award or the What The...!! award. GRANTS PASS, Ore.(AP) To prove his love, a 38-year-old man set himself on fire before getting down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him. About 100 people gathered to watch Todd Grannis...
  16. DJ Xsinna

    Your dream production opportunity

    Ok fam, if you had the opportunity to craft a track (or remix) for your most fav. MC or group who would that be and why? If you had a chance to do a remix...what track would it be?? Me, I would love to craft a track for Nas because I dig the way dude spits and I think I could really give him...
  17. DJ Xsinna

    Worst Beatmaking experience

    Here's my worst experience: I had just got my ASR-10 and I was soooo hyped about having it, I went to work and got all my samples together, my drums, keys, etc. Finally crafted a SMOKIN' track (not realizing that I had not done a save in a minute) and our power blinked off and back on again...
  18. DJ Xsinna


    Does anyone know what song & artist Mantronik sampled for Just-Ice's "Cold Gettin' Dumb"? I've been trying to find out where those stabs came from. -DJ X-sinna'
  19. DJ Xsinna

    Logic 7 vs. ProTools

    Aiight peeps! Check this out, I'm trying do decide what to get as my ax for laying my tracks down on - ether ProTools or logic 7. I've wo worked with ProTools before and i like it and most of the people that I know here in KC (pros in the game) use it as well and they mix my stuff for me...
  20. DJ Xsinna

    What up peeps? DJ X-sinna here

    I'm DJ X-sinna' from Kansas City, MO. I'm a gospel rap artist/producer for my group Royal Priesthood The name of my production company is Sound Doctrine Productions. It's just me. I minister with my boy Kevin Blanco. I've been rapping and producing for 17 years. I...

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